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Stacey Abrams evasive on running for governor

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Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) was evasive about her plans for 2022 on Sunday during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, explaining that she was focused instead on protecting democracy in the state.

Speaking on “Meet the Press,” Abrams was asked whether she would seek a rematch against Gov. Brian Kemp (R), who narrowly defeated Abrams in 2018 in an election marred by allegations of voter roll purges.

“I am curious, are you still thinking about running for governor in Georgia in 2022?” Todd asked.

“My focus is on making sure we have elections in 2022,” she responded, adding that “foreign and certainly domestic” threats were seeking to keep Georgians from voting.

Republicans, Abrams continued, were “trying to make certain that people of color and young people cannot participate fully in our democracy, which is the least patriotic thing that I can imagine in this moment.”

“I’m focusing on our democracy, and I will make other decisions after we have gotten that work done,” Abrams added when Todd pressed her on whether she would be on the ballot.

Abrams was similarly evasive about a possible presidential run in 2020 before eventually deciding not to.

Since her 2018 election loss, she has focused efforts on expanding voter registration in the state, and her efforts campaigning on behalf of Democrats were partially credited with the party’s victories in January’s U.S. Senate runoffs which saw both Georgia Senate seats flip to Democratic hands. The state also turned blue in handing President Biden an election victory in November.

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