Rep. Khanna expresses frustration about Sinema

Rep. Khanna expresses frustration about Sinema
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Progressive Rep. Ro KhannaRohit (Ro) KhannaKhanna advocates for 'honest and reflective patriotism' in America Democrats call on Education secretary to address 'stealthing' at federal level Showdown: Pelosi dares liberals to sink infrastructure bill MORE (D-Calif.) expressed frustration about centrist Sen. Kyrsten SinemaKyrsten SinemaManchin warns about inflation as Democrats pursue Biden spending bill Minimum tax proposal drives wedge between corporate interests Biden points to drug prices in call for Senate social spending vote MORE (D-Ariz.) on Sunday for her part in helping stall key Democratic bills from advancing in the Senate and said he was frustrated that she refuses to talk about what her positions are.

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris WallaceChristopher (Chris) WallaceMurthy calls for people to be 'more vigilant' on omicron, but not to panic Ernst on Russian buildup on Ukraine border: 'We must prepare for the worst' Fauci to appear on Fox Business Friday for rare interview on the network MORE noted that Sinema's opposition to a raise in tax rates on corporations and those making $400,000 annually has sparked conversations about a wealth tax on billionaires and asked Khanna if he was willing to vote for such a measure.

Khanna noted that a wealth tax would impact his district, home to Silicon Valley billionaires that he said saw increased wealth by 40 percent during the pandemic. Khanna said even though the people in his district could afford to pay a wealth tax, he doesn't believe such a measure "makes sense."

"But I guess my question for Sen. Sinema is, she voted against the Trump tax cuts, and I just don't understand why she's not willing then to raise some of the rates back to what they were before the bill she voted against was and she hasn't explained it to anyone," he added.

Wallace asked Khanna how frustrated he was with Sinema and Sen. Joe ManchinJoe ManchinManchin warns about inflation as Democrats pursue Biden spending bill Overnight Health Care — Biden mandate faces Dem resistance Exporting gas means higher monthly energy bills for American families MORE (D-W.Va.) who have largely been blamed for stalling progress on the Democrat-backed reconciliation package.

Khanna called Manchin a "straight shooter" whose stances on issues have always been clear from the beginning.

"I disagree with areas, but I respect that," Khanna said of Manchin's positions on certain measures.

"My concern with Sen. Sinema is, why are the rules different for her? Why doesn't she go on shows like yours? Why doesn't she explain herself? If she's shifted her position on the Trump tax cuts, explain it," Khanna said. "I guess I've never seen a politician — including frankly the former president, Trump — who just totally ducks answering questions of the media or constituents and that's my frustration with her. She's not clear about what she believes."

Wallace said the Arizona senator has declined requests to both appear on air or meet to discuss issues in private.