Barrasso calls Biden's agenda 'Alice in Wonderland' logic: 'He's the Mad Hatter'

Sen. John BarrassoJohn Anthony BarrassoMcConnell will run for another term as leader despite Trump's attacks Senate Minority Whip Thune, close McConnell ally, to run for reelection Biden's court picks face fierce GOP opposition MORE (R-Wyo.) had harsh words for President BidenJoe BidenBiden says he didn't 'overpromise' Finland PM pledges 'extremely tough' sanctions should Russia invade Ukraine Russia: Nothing less than NATO expansion ban is acceptable MORE's social spending agenda on Sunday, calling the Build Back Better Act "Alice in Wonderland" logic and saying Biden is like "the Mad Hatter."

While appearing on "Fox News Sunday" Barrasso was asked by guest host Trace Gallagher about the status of the Build Back Better Act, which the House passed roughly one week ago.

"Right now. I view this as a back-breaking bill for the country with the kind of expenses, the spending, the adding to the debt, the inflation, the taxes that are going to hit the American people," said Barrasso.

"For Joe Biden to say 'We have to spend even more money on top of inflation,' to me this is 'Alice in Wonderland' logic. He's the Mad Hatter out here," the senator continued, referring to the fictional character from Lewis Carroll's 1865 book who spouts out nonsensical phrases.

Gallagher also asked about raising the debt ceiling, another measure that GOP lawmakers are against, and asked Barrasso why he is not in favor of it. The Fox News host noted that raising the debt ceiling would allow for items that have already been authorized by the government to be paid for, pointing to numerous benefits that would be allotted for Barrasso's state of Wyoming.

"Well in my state, I was a member of the state Senate. Our Constitution demands that we balance our budget every year that we live within our means, just like families all across America need to do and I think the federal government ought to do the same thing," said Barrasso.

"This is all about Democrat spending. This is 100 percent on them," he added. "If you get rid of all of the gimmicks of accounting, this bill that the Democrats are proposing is $4 trillion in additional spending. There's not a single Republican who's going to vote for the bill or to raise the debt ceiling. This is on the Democrats."