New Brazilian president's Cabinet choices turn heads

New Brazilian president's Cabinet choices turn heads
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Brazil's new interim president is drawing global attention for some of his Cabinet choices, which includes no women.

Michel Temer, 75, was sworn in as leader of Brazil for a period of up to six months after lawmakers removed Dilma Rousseff from power. She will now face an impeachment trial in the country's senate.


Temer's Cabinet choices have received mixed reviews. His finance minister will be Henrique Meirelles, a respected economist who led the country's central bank and is a favorite of investors.

The new Justice minister, Alexandre de Moraes, was in charge of security in the state of Sao Paulo, where 1 in 4 murders is attributed to police forces, El Pais newspaper reported.

Also raising eyebrows were the Agriculture minister, a millionaire soybean producer accused of promoting massive deforestation; and the Science minister, a creationist.

Temer also picked no women for his Cabinet, according to The New York Times.