Texas school board under fire for Mexican-American textbook

Texas school board under fire for Mexican-American textbook

A proposed social studies textbook in Texas has angered activists and academics over what some call politically charged content.


The book titled, "Mexican American Heritage" describes Chicanos — a term used to describe some Mexican-Americans — as a group that "adopted a revolutionary narrative that opposed Western civilization and wanted to destroy this society."

The State Board of Education decided to include Mexican-American heritage in its curriculum after pressure from activists last year. 

"Heritage," was presented to the board by Momentum Instruction, a company linked to Cynthia Dunbar. She is a former school board member known for her right-wing positions, who has questioned the constitutionality of public schools in the past and labeled the education system "tyrannical," The Associated Press reported.

Momentum Instruction did not immediately return requests for comment.

The State Board of Education has been pressured to include Mexican-American studies in its curriculum, but with "Heritage" as the only text in consideration for the 2017-18 school year, activists fear their strategy might have backfired.

"Instead of a text that is respectful of the Mexican-American history, we have a book poorly written, racist and prepared by nonexperts,” said Tony Diaz, a Houston radio host and director of Intercultural Initiatives at Lone Star College-North Harris, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.