Top Hispanic Dem tears into Trump

"Hillary wants to build schools — Donald Trump wants to build walls. His idea of an education plan: Trump University," Becerra said.
He also focused on affordable education, which has been polling as a top concern for Hispanics in this election.
"How many of you have student debt?" Becerra asked. "Hillary will fight for debt-free college tuition, because nobody should be priced out of college."
Becerra used the subject of education to slam Trump’s questioning of President Obama’s academic history. 
"He once demanded that President Obama release his college transcripts because it would be, quote, ‘very revealing.’ I think it would be very revealing for Donald Trump to release his college transcript. Who here thinks he did as well as he says he did?"
Becerra was considered as a potential vice presidential pick for Clinton. He praised Tim KaineTimothy (Tim) Michael KaineMcConnell: Senate will not recess if government still shutdown Kaine threatens to object to Senate leaving for recess Senators restart shutdown talks — and quickly hit roadblocks MORE — Clinton’s running mate — saying "he listens to us, too." Kaine is fluent in Spanish, having spent time as a missionary in Honduras.
Republicans sought to undermine Becerra's speech emailing questions about his "record of residency issues, extremist connections, drug dealer advocacy, and backstabbing," as Becerra began his speech.
Becerra has been a longtime supporter of Clinton, repeatedly calling her the Democratic Party's "quarterback."