Man stopped by ICE uses 'know your rights' training to prevent arrest of immigrants

A video of a man being stopped by ICE and using "know your rights" training to prevent the arrest of two undocumented immigrants went viral this week.

Bryan MacCormack, executive director of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement in New York state, was pulled over by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers on March 5. At the time, MacCormack was accompanying two undocumented immigrants to an attorney.


In a statement posted by the group, MacCormack said that he refused to open his door after an ICE officer said he had a warrant to arrest the two men in the car.

"Three ICE deportation officers surrounded the vehicle," the group said in the statement.

"One deportation officer approached the driver's side window and asked MacCormack for his license, which he provided. Officers also asked the community members for identification. They knew their rights, remained silent, and didn't provide information." 

"ICE tried to intimidate me into relinquishing my rights, and I upheld my unwavering defense of our community," MacCormack said. 

The video of the interaction, originally posted on March 8, was shared by NowThis News this week.

In the video, MacCormack tells an ICE officer at his car window that the papers he has handed him are not warrants to arrest the two people with him.

“Yes they are, sir, warrant of arrest of alien,” the unidentified officer says to MacCormack as he points to a line on the papers.

“Yeah, warrant of arrest of... alien, not signed by a judge. It’s not a judicial warrant. I have no obligation to oblige by that warrant,” MacCormack responds.

Later in the video MacCormack is seen calling his group's attorney.

Eventually the ICE officers are seen leaving without making an arrest.

ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill on the interaction.