Officials in New Mexico ask for donations after Border Patrol drops off migrants

Officials in New Mexico asked for donations Friday after Border Patrol agents dropped off asylum-seeking migrants in their city.

Las Cruces city officials appealed for "personal hygiene products including sanitary napkins; shampoo; conditioner; lotion; Chapstick or similar types of lip balm; clothing; towels; blankets; and canned food and bottled water" in a statement on their website.


According to The Associated Press, 83 migrants arrived in the city Saturday, following about 95 who were dropped off at a homeless shelter by Border Patrol agents Friday.

The Las Cruces Sun-News reported that churches in the city have been providing temporary shelter to migrants released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention for months but that this is the first time Border Patrol vans dropped off migrants at the homeless shelter.

Rising immigration levels have put additional pressure on immigration authorities who need to house immigrants while they await asylum hearings.

Border Patrol announced Thursday it would release migrants in New Mexico and in El Paso, Texas, pending their future court hearings because of Immigration and Customs “capacity issues," according to AP.