Puerto Rico's likely successor to governor is new target of protesters

 Puerto Rico's likely successor to governor is new target of protesters
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Puerto Rico's likely successor to ousted Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, Wanda Vázquez Garced, has become the target of protesters who say she mishandled prosecution of her members of her party, the New Progressive Party, which supports Puerto Rican statehood.

According to a report in The Washington Post, Vázquez Garced, who currently serves as the Puerto Rican justice secretary, has been accused of misdeeds by Puerto Rican news outlets.

Vázquez Garced has pushed back against the accusations.


“The interpretation given to these issues is false and defamatory,” she said in a statement to the newspaper. 

The Post reported that the hashtag #WandaRenuncia, calling on Vázquez Garced to resign, trended following the resignation of Rosselló. Prior to his resignation, #RickyRenuncia had trended.

The newspaper reported that graffiti calling for Rosselló's resignation was now covered up by messages saying “We are here, Wanda!” and “Not Wanda.” It also quoted individuals who called her "a necessary evil” and "more of the same."

Rosselló came under fire after it was reported that group messages showed him making derogatory remarks about a female politician and Hurricane Maria victims. 

In the state's constitution, the secretary of state is second in line to the governorship, but that position is vacant of the previous holder resigned amid the Rosselló scandal. The justice secretary is the next in line to become governor.