Material from privately funded border wall ends up on Mexican soil

Material from privately funded border wall ends up on Mexican soil
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Several large rocks placed during the construction of a privately-funded wall at the U.S.-Mexico border were placed illegally on Mexican soil during the construction process, the Mexican government says.

Talking Points Memo and The Wichita Eagle reported that mounds of rocks from the construction site either were placed or slid into Mexican territory following the wall's construction near Sunland Park, N.M.


The leader of We Build The Wall, the group behind the effort, confirmed the rocks' location in an interview with TPM, stating that his contractor, Fisher Industries, had refused to move them.

“Our construction guy said he’s not touching them, that he’s not going to move the rocks at all,” Brian Kolfage told TPM. “It’s such B.S.”

The International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), a body governing boundaries between the U.S. and Mexico, has ordered Kolfage's group to remove the rocks.

Kolfage's group is currently in negotiations with the IBWC, and the group's foreign affairs officer confirmed to TPM that the Mexican government had alerted them to the issue.

In an original reply to the IBWC, Kolfage's group argued that the runoff was not meant as an invasion of territory.

“If some minor amount of the rocky material rolled off the slope it is not meant as an intentional affront to our neighbor or as any form of trespass,” the company wrote, according to the Eagle.

We Build The Wall is led in part by former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), a top ally of the president who is running for Senate in 2020.