Government could hike fees to appeal immigration cases: report

Government could hike fees to appeal immigration cases: report

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is considering a proposed rule to substantially increase the fees migrants will have to pay to appeal their immigration cases. 

A draft regulation obtained by BuzzFeed News would reportedly require people to pay $975 to request the appeal of an immigration judge's ruling and $895 to ask for a case to be reopened or reconsidered before the Board of Immigration Appeals. The requests currently cost $110 each.

"DOJ generally does not confirm or comment on media speculation about regulations," a Justice Department spokesman told The Hill in a statement. 

"Notably, however, despite inflation and rising administrative costs, EOIR fees have remained the same since 1986—despite increases in fees across many other areas of the federal government over the same period," the spokesman added, referring to the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which is part of the DOJ.


Proposed regulations do not go into effect immediately and include a 60-day comment period

BuzzFeed reported that immigrants would still have the ability to apply for fee waivers. The number of immigration case appeals in fiscal 2018 increased to more than 30,000, the news outlet reported. 

The Trump administration has promoted policies that aim to limit both legal and illegal immigration. 

The report follows the Trump administration's recent unveiling of its "public charge" rule that would make a person's ability to receive a green card dependent on their use of certain public assistance programs.