Charges dismissed against 24 bikers in 2015 shootout that left 9 dead

A Texas district attorney dismissed charges against all 24 remaining defendants stemming from a 2015 shootout that left nine people dead.

McLennan County District Attorney Barry Johnson inherited the case after taking office in January and announced the dismissal of charges on Tuesday, according to the Waco Tribune. He reportedly said he thought it was time to "end this nightmare."

In the May 2015 incident, members of several motorcycle clubs exchanged gunfire in a restaurant in the town of Twin Peaks. About 200 people were arrested immediately afterward on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.


Former District Attorney Abel Reyna had charged Jacob Carrizal, county chapter president of the Bandidos Dallas biker club, but the case ended in a mistrial in November 2017.

"There were nine people who were killed on that fateful day in Waco, Texas, and 20 injured, all of whom were members of rival motorcycle clubs/gangs, and the loss of life is a difficult thing," Johnson said, according to the Waco Tribune.

"But after looking over the 24 cases we were left with, it is my opinion as your district attorney that we are not able to prosecute any of those cases and reach our burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt."