Manhattan prosecutors subpoena Bannon financial documents: CNN

Prosecutors from the Manhattan district attorney’s office have reportedly subpoenaed financial records related to Stephen Bannon and his crowd-funded southern border wall project, according to a CNN report.

The network reports that the subpoenas were sent shortly after former President Trump issued Bannon a pardon for federal conspiracy crimes in connection to the southern border wall. Trump’s pardon only applied to federal crimes, meaning Bannon could still possibly be charged in state courts.

Reports came out early in February that the Manhattan DA’s office was looking into potential state charges against Bannon. Sources close to the matter told The Washington Post that the district attorney’s Major Economic Crimes Bureau was in the early stages of determining whether or not there was enough evidence to build a case against Bannon.

Subpoenas were sent to Wells Fargo and GoFundMe, as they were used in handling the funds Bannon raised for his “We Build the Wall” project.

Speaking to CNN, a spokesperson for GoFundMe said the company “does not comment on or confirm requests for information from any law enforcement officials.”

Before he was pardoned, Bannon and three others had been charged with falsely claiming that they would not receive any compensation for their involvement in the border wall project. Bannon denied the allegations while the three others pleaded not guilty. Trump did not pardon the three others involved in the border wall project.

CNN notes that the New Jersey attorney general’s office is also looking into Bannon’s wall project, opening a civil inquiry.

“The Division of Consumer Affairs neither confirms nor denies the existence or status of investigations,” a representative for the New Jersey attorney general’s office told CNN.

The Hill has reached out to a Bannon spokesperson for comment.