Woman files sexual assault lawsuit in New Jersey against Bill Cosby

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Lili Bernard, who has accused Bill Cosby in the past of drugging and raping her, is filing a lawsuit in New Jersey, according to reports from 6ABC

Bernard is suing Cosby in a civil court in New Jersey after alleging that she was drugged and raped in Atlantic City in 1990 when Cosby offered to feature her on “The Cosby Show,” as reported by NBC 10 Philadelphia. The lawsuit has stated that Cosby lured Bernard to Atlantic City from New York when she was young. 

The lawsuit has been filed in accordance with a New Jersey law that allows sexual abuse survivors to have a two-year window to bring their civil claims against alleged abusers to court, no matter when the abuse has occurred. 

“I have waited a long time to be able to pursue my case in court and I look forward to being heard and to hold Cosby accountable for what he did to me. Although it occurred long ago, I still live with the fear, pain and shame every day of my life,” stated Bernard in her press release where the lawsuit was announced to the public. 

According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, the lawsuit describes the alleged drugging and rape where Cosby gave Bernard a supposed nonalcoholic beverage, as she had made it known she did not drink alcohol. However, she soon felt weak, dizzy and nauseated. The lawsuit said she then passed out and awoke to find Cosby undressing her, despite her protests. She passed out again and when she awoke, Cosby was raping her until she again lost consciousness and finally awoke naked in a bathroom jacuzzi, according to the suit. 

Afterward, Cosby “dressed her quickly,” the lawsuit stated, had a bellman help him walk Bernard to a car and sent her back to New York City. 

NBC 10 Philadelphia has reported that the suit is seeking $125 million in damages. 

Cosby was recently released from prison following his 2018 molestation conviction after a Pennsylvania appeals court overturned his sexual assault conviction, which undid one of the highest-profile prosecutions that emerged during the #MeToo movement. 

Cosby’s team has not immediately responded to The Hill’s request for comment. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from sexual abuse or violence, please contact RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline available 24/7 at Call 800.656.HOPE or use the free Chat Box.

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