Woman in Trump shirt shouts obscenities at NBC reporter

An unidentified woman wearing a Donald Trump shirt screamed profanities at an NBC News reporter during the taping of an interview in New York Thursday night.

Cal Perry was taping an interview with a Trump protester in midtown Manhattan when the unidentified woman began lashing out at him and the media in general.


“You don’t include the fact that we have an awesome, an awesome president now who took a step down from unappreciative motherf-----s,” the woman yelled.

Perry, the network’s senior news editor, asked the woman to identify herself.

“You’re not getting my name, you’re getting a f--- you,” replied the woman, who was wearing a Trump-Pence T-shirt under her jacket

The woman continually gestured at the protester Perry was interviewing, a man who was holding a sign declaring that President-elect Trump is a bigot.  

“You don’t give it as it really is," she said. "You don’t give it or portray it as it really is. A good man, with a good, awesome heart that traveled the world feeding the kids. 

"You f------ motherf-----!” she continued. 

“Thank you,” Perry responded. 

Perry posted the interview on his Twitter account and censored the profanities.  

Protests over Trump’s presidential victory are expected to continue in several major cities throughout the weekend, including New York.