O'Reilly beats ‘Apprentice’ in ratings for third straight week

O'Reilly beats ‘Apprentice’ in ratings for third straight week
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Fox News’s "The O'Reilly Factor" has beaten NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" in three straight weeks, according to Nielsen data, even though Bill O’Reilly’s show is on cable and “Apprentice” is on broadcast TV.
Monday’s edition of “The Factor” registered 4.5 million total viewers, while the rebooted "Celebrity Apprentice," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, clocked in with 3.5 million viewers. 
O'Reilly's program on Monday featured a long interview with President Trump, who starred in "Apprentice" for more than a decade prior to entering politics.
O’Reilly also beat “Apprentice” the previous two Mondays without Trump as a guest.
On Jan. 30, O’Reilly delivered 4.4 million viewers, topping the 3.7 million for “Apprentice.” 
On Jan. 23, Fox's show averaged 5 million viewers, while “Apprentice” got 3.9 million. 
Trump has mocked the lower ratings for the new version of “Apprentice” in tweets and speeches, even though he still retains an executive producer credit on the show.
“When I ran for president, I had to leave the show,” Trump said at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington last week. “They hired a big, big movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger to take my place and we know how that turned out. The ratings went right down the tubes.”
Schwarzenegger, 69, responded in a Twitter video suggesting he and the president "switch jobs." 
"Hey Donald I have a great idea. Why don’t we switch jobs? You take over TV, because you’re such an expert in ratings, and I take over your job," said Schwarzenegger in a video. "And then people can finally sleep comfortable again. Hmm?"
Schwarzenegger was a two-term governor of California from 2003 to 2011.