New York Times launches major ad campaign: ‘The Truth’

New York Times
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The New York Times will run its first-ever advertising during the Academy Awards this Sunday with a spot that appears to target the Trump administration titled “The Truth.”

The ad lists conflicting statements that all start with three words, “The truth is.”

“The truth is alternative facts are lies,” reads one screen, a shot at Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway’s use of the term “alternative facts” during an interview last month with NBC’s Chuck Todd.

“The truth is the media is dishonest,” reads another, which appears to be a reference to President Trump’s repeated assertion that the media is dishonest.

{mosads}”The truth is a woman should dress like a woman” is another reference to Trump based on an unnamed source who told the online news publication Axios that the president prefers women who work for him to “dress like women.”

The ad ends with words in bold: “The truth is hard/the truth is hard to know/the truth is more important than ever.” It closes on the logo of The New York Times.

Trump has targeted the Times more than any other print publication, repeatedly calling it fake news.

The 165-year-old paper reported in January that it added 276,000 new digital news subscriptions in the fourth quarter of 2016, marking its best quarter in five years.


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