‘Morning Joe’ fact-checks Trump speech

Journalists on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” fact-checked President Trump’s speech at his campaign-style rally in Iowa on Wednesday, citing a number of publications.

“The president made a lot of claims last night, and told a lot of lies in the process,” Mika Brzezinkski said Thursday morning.

The show then examined several of Trump’s claims made at the rally, including his claim that he could take credit for a new coal mine being built in Pennsylvania.


“The president says he’s signed ‘hundreds of billions of dollars worth of agreements with middle eastern countries,’ but some of those deals were put into place, you’ll remember under President Obama, and many are preliminary and require further negotiation,” MSNBC’s Willie Geist said, citing The Washington Post.

“The president said a coal mine just opened in Pennsylvania for the first time in decades. Last year, the state’s Cresson mine was put back to work following weaker coal production in Asia,” he continued, citing the Pennsylvania newspaper, The Tribune-Democrat.

“The president suggested CNN shut off its camera when they didn’t like what he was saying, it’s a line he’s used at rallies in the past, including just a month before the election. Last night, Fox was the only network to take the president’s comments in full,” Geist said, citing Politico.

The fact-check comes the morning after Trump was greeted by a fan-friendly audience in Cedar Rapids during a rally that resembled one of Trump’s well-known campaign events.