Samantha Bee tears into NRA over silence on indictment of alleged Russian agent

Late-night host Samantha Bee on Wednesday tore into the National Rifle Association and the NRA's spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, for staying silent on the indictment of a woman accused of acting as an agent of Russia. 

Bee on her show, "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee," parodied Loesch's NRA videos, in which she often looks directly into the camera while promoting gun rights. 


"NRA, you go on your little screen with your scary shark eyes to tell people to make out with their guns or whatever," Bee says. "You make a narrative out of false context and fear-monger your followers into thinking they’re in a civil war." 

"Then you’re caught associating yourself with one Russian agent and you just disappear?" Bee continues. "What gives? I dare you to make a comment — I challenge you to tell me how it’s American for the NRA to take money from foreign agents who want to see our democracy burn." 

Maria Butina was arrested and indicted last week for allegedly conspiring to work for the Russian government by infiltrating organizations that have influence in U.S. politics, including the NRA. 

The NRA has not publicly responded to reports that Butina met with top NRA officials, attended the gun lobbying group's conventions and was a "life member." It has also remained silent regarding allegations that Butina's alleged co-conspirator, high-level Russian government official Alexander Torshin, illegally funneled money into the NRA to get President TrumpDonald John TrumpCNN's Don Lemon explains handling of segment after Trump criticism NPR reporter after Pompeo clash: Journalists don't interview government officials to score 'political points' Lawyer says Parnas can't attend Senate trial due to ankle bracelet MORE elected. 

During her segment about Butina, Bee also raised alarms about a ruling last week that indicates some nonprofit groups, including the NRA, will no longer have to disclose the names of donors who give them $5,000 or more

"You do want to be a star, right?" Bee asked, directing her question toward Loesch. "You’re the NRA’s spokesperson, so start 'spoking.' Your time is running out."

"The clock starts now," she said.