Chinese professor removed by police during live interview: report

Chinese professor removed by police during live interview: report
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Chinese police officers removed a professor who has been critical of Beijing's policies from his home during a live interview on Wednesday night, according to Voice of America (VOA).

Wenguang Sun, a retired Shandong University professor, has not responded to VOA since the incident, the news outlet reported.

VOA on Wednesday posted a recording of police storming Sun's home as he gave an interview for one of its shows. 

Sun, who recently penned an article criticizing China's foreign aid policies, was reportedly discussing Beijing's relationship with African countries when he abruptly said that six police officers were headed toward him. 


"What? Did I say something wrong?" he can be heard yelling in a recording VOA posted on Twitter. "Did you hear I say anything wrong? So many Chinese are still poor and we shouldn't throw our money in Africa."

He then said two more policemen had arrived. 

"Because I planned to be on your panel discussion, [Chinese leader Xi Jinping] just assigned six policemen to break my door and force me not to do the interview with you," he said. "I grabbed my knife and was just ready to fight such intimidation myself at whatever cost." 

"At this moment, they are standing right at my door," he said. "I am entitled to express my opinion. This is my freedom of speech." 


The line cut off after that, VOA reported.

Sources later told the news outlet that he is under house arrest. 

Multiple Chinese government officials declined VOA's request for comment.