Jimmy Fallon sneaks into Steve Kornacki's MSNBC office to clean it

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon cleaned up Steve Kornacki’s messy office in a new video to surprise the MSNBC and NBC News political correspondent.

“This week marks [President] Biden’s second week in office. That means election season is finally over, and you know for months now there’s just been so much news to cover, and one person who did a fantastic job keeping us in the loop is our friend Steve Kornacki,” Fallon said on Monday, explaining that he “wanted to find a way to say thank you.” 

“I thought we’d surprise him again by sneaking downstairs to MSNBC and cleaning things up for him,” Fallon continued. 


The “Tonight Show” host joked upon arriving in the political unit that “we’re in khaki country now,” referencing the signature slacks Kornacki wore during his marathon coverage of the 2020 presidential election. 

Fallon jabbed Kornacki over several pre-tied ties and a blazer that appeared strewn across his office, as well as scattered papers, a data sourcebook, a measuring tape and more. 

“Has he been living in here?” Fallon asked before putting on a pair of yellow cleaning gloves and joking that they “aren’t even for COVID, it’s just for this office.”

“This kind of looks important,” Fallon said of a cluttered notepad before tossing it in a black garbage bag.

Kornacki appeared shocked in the video after entering his office, reading a note that Fallon left behind.

“Dear Steve, I thought 2020 was a dumpster fire, but then I saw your office,” Fallon wrote.


Kornacki thanked the late-night host before remarking that the newly clean office would “probably last about a day or two.”  

The political correspondent regularly went viral for his round-the-clock coverage of the election as results trickled in from across the country. People magazine named him in its annual list of the “Sexiest Men Alive.”

“Never before have khakis and a striped tie gotten so many hot under the (Oxford) collar,” it wrote.