School district banning 'Squid Game' costumes over 'potential violent messages'

School district banning 'Squid Game' costumes over 'potential violent messages'
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Several New York State elementary schools outside of Syracuse are banning schoolchildren from dressing in costumes that depict them as characters from the widely-popular Netflix drama, "Squid Game," according to CBS News

The schools are citing the show's mature content and violence as their rationale behind banning "Squid Game" costumes, reports CBS. "Squid Game" was Netflix's biggest series launch of all time and is a show set in South Korea about people who are financially struggling and enter grisly, violent versions of kids' games in a competition for a cash reward, states CBS. 

CNY Central reported that the students' parents were sent an email where the principal explained that some students were "playing a version of the squid game" at recess and that a "Halloween costume from this show does not meet our school costume guidelines due to the potential violent message aligned with the costume". 


Additionally, Superintendent Craig Tice of the school district said in a statement to CNY Central Tuesday that the Netflix show was intended for mature audiences and that the families of students should be "aware that it would be inappropriate for any student to wear to school a Halloween costume from this show," reiterating similar messaging sent out by the principal. 

The superintendent also wanted to make parents aware that some students were mimicking aspects of the game at school and that guardians should speak with their children about the show and ensure the children knew that "games associated with violent behavior are not appropriate for recess," as reported by CNY Central.

CBS New York reported that some parents they spoke to about the ban thought that the school district was "overreacting." 
“It’s a costume. Just don’t let your kids watch the show,” said one parent to CBS New York.

“For a school to actually impose that, that’s being very overbearing,” CBS quoted another parent had stated.