Mellman: Parsing the polls

OPINION | The presidential race has tightened today, but what does that mean for November?

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  • Our political leaders need to set examples of reasonable conduct

    It should come as no surprise that this year’s presidential campaign and our political arena mirror what has been occurring at sports stadiums filled with dogmatic fans; little league fields attended by overzealous, screaming parents; and our nation’s highways, which are besieged by passive...

  • Norwegian flight attendants in US should get US wages and benefits

    Joseph Gabriel in his May 18 Congress Blog post “U.S.-based Norwegian flight attendants: Does my job not matter?” asks an important question. The answer is no; their jobs matter so much they deserve the benefits and protections provided by a negotiated contract. The problem is their executive...

  • America stands on precipice with Trump topping the ballot

    The opportunity had finally come to elect a leader who not only understands the U.S. Constitution but defends it and our sovereignty as a nation — someone who understands the limitations of our federal government, as well as the authority vested in the states; someone who knows what it means to...

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