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  • Thoughtful approach will protect nation’s parks for the long term

    Interior Secretary Sally Jewell was spot on when she said during her recent conservation address, “If we stay on this trajectory, 100 years from now, national parks and wildlife refuges will be like postage stamps of nature on a map, isolated islands of conservation” (“Interior...

  • Entitlement spending should be done wisely to protect fiscal health

    I read with great interest Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s thoughtful and well-written April 14 commentary, “Time to invest in our fiscal health.”

    I appreciate Rep. Maloney’s forward-looking focus on investment in infrastructure and education. The Consumer Technology Association shares concerns...

  • Pensions doing better than reported

    The Hill’s April 11 article about public pensions was misleading (“US public pension system facing $3T funding gap: report”). It referred to a Financial Times article quoting Joshua Rauh, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, who said, “The pension problems are threatening to consume state...

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  • US should hold Azerbaijan accountable

    The time has come for Azerbaijan to face consequences from the United States and the international community for its blatant military aggression against the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR).

    After years of saber rattling, Azerbaijan’s four-day assault on the NKR...

  • Returning the power of the purse to Congress

    OPINION | The Founding Fathers were deliberate in the balance of power they doled out.

  • Bringing US rice back to Cuba

    OPINION | Rice is arguably the best-positioned commodity to benefit from trade with Cuba.