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  • For the good of the world, Clinton and Trump both need to drop out

    It’s time for the families of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to convince both to drop out of the U.S. presidential race and be replaced by their vice presidential candidates, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, for the good of the country and world.

    The U.S. Congress could extend President Obama’s...

  • Use revenue-neutral carbon fees to manage risk of climate change

    I was on a jury trial several years ago for a pretty clear-cut case: The defendant was caught selling drugs in a police sting, and the defense never really provided a cohesive narrative as to why they got the wrong guy. Instead, it was a barrage of unrelated, random arguments attempting to poke...

  • Don’t believe utility company’s scary story about carbon plan

    Randy T. Simmons and Michael Jensen wrote a post in The Hill that relies on a debunked report from the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (“Clean Power Plan leaves businesses and families stuck with the bill,” Sept. 27, Contributors blog). 

    They fail to...

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  • Freeing the False Claims Act

    Thirty years ago, President Reagan signed the False Claims Amendments Act of 1986, an anti-fraud measure whose extraordinary success is a timely reminder of what’s possible when Washington acts in a focused, bipartisan spirit.

  • The case for freight rail reform is undeniable

    America’s freight rail system is in desperate need of reform, a sentiment admittedly in conflict with the railroads’ PR campaign showing an industry that is growing, facilitating commerce and even helping the environment. 

  • We need less division and more unity

    OPINION | This presidential cycle has arguably brought out the very worst in our nation.