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How many of you will read, listen to or watch 2017 being rehashed in some form? It is important to know the path traveled and how we got here but after a while it gets old and often maudlin. Enough “year in review,” let’s take a look ahead through the lens of basic principles.

I’ll indulge in one look backwards to 2017, which may foretell a future of sorts for some. When it comes to sexual harassment and accusations, liberals and the liberal mindset deliberately created an environment where everyone who accuses is automatically a verified victim and everyone who is accused is automatically guilty. Power and hubris in addition to this dynamic protects itself regardless of party affiliation. The congressional slush fund is proof of this.

There are successes on the horizon and perils that may result from failure. Republicans must first incorporate that Democrats will not help in any way, because success affects their ability to win elections. Enough trying to play nice with the left. Those that may want to fix problems and work with Republicans are not in charge of the Democratic Party.

{mosads}Tax cuts, systemic reform, growth and spending cuts must occur in an overlapping fashion. Politicians use the easy, but inaccurate phrase of “paid for.” Tax cuts are paid for when there is growth combined with spending cuts and managed federal budget.


Compound growth is the key. Even an adjusted gross domestic product growth of 2.9 percent over the next two years would provide a compound factor of improvements in hiring, lower unemployment and consistent, if not rising, wages. This type of growth has a greater chance of retaining its value in the longer term. The trap of using credit that outpaces wage and salary growth is something we should avoid.

Other transnational forces will likely play a role in the dollar’s performance against other currencies. Even if the dollar declines slightly, it will be countered by improved corporate profits. This filters out into the economy, especially in shareholder use monetary gains.

Small-business development is key. Growing the home economy has a secondary effect of a larger percentage of the population vested in personal success. This tends to become generational, for a longer-term effect.

Another level of responsibility is at the state level. The total tax and regulatory burden of the individual S corporation, C corporation, limited liability company, mega-corporation or any entity cannot become too much for success.

Education is to be monitored at the federal level but reformed at the state level and accountability measures need to be in place. Too often the national discussion is about college-level education but without high school education, college is not a factor. Education combined with small business growth and compound economic factors creates a stronger economic foundation.

It is a common phrase, but “failure is not an option,” from both a Republican Party survival perspective and the reality of what is needed for America to effectively counter the negative forces within and on a global level. There is not another option available now or in the near future to those who provide accurate criticisms of the party as it exists today. We must reform it and return to the party of Lincoln and Reagan conservatism without turning it into a one idea party.

Economic stability is a foundation for societal success. If this article makes you think, my work here is a fait accompli.

A thanks to the many along the way. I didn’t get here alone and family, friends and associates are all deserving of thanks. Many of you read me who’ve participated along the way. My radio staff Greg Sahakian, Anthony Rivera and Edwin Ramirez work daily for our success. There are too many producers and various crew positions at Fox News to thank individually. Whether I’m analyzing or hosting, you all work to make it a No. 1-class result. To the Breitbart family, watch out because I’m back in 2018. Oh, and my The Hill editor Chuck Jordan may appreciate that I am just ahead of deadline this one time.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Festivus or of your choice and remember that New Year’s Eve is amateur night.

On to 2018…

Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, a Fox News contributor and a frequent television commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill.

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