Press: Memo to McCarthy: ‘Cut the crap’

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Dear Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.): In a conference call on Wednesday, Jan. 27, upset with infighting among Republicans, you told members of your caucus it was time to “Cut this crap out.” And you’re right. Sniping among Republicans is not good for the Congress, the country or the Republican Party.

But, Mr. Leader, the only one who can really “cut this crap out” is you. So why have you failed to do so?

Exhibit One. The day after you said “cut this crap out,” Florida’s ego-driven, back-bencher Matt Gaetz flew to Wyoming to campaign against Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) for her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump: a classic case of one House Republican publicly attacking another one.

But where were you, Mr. McCarthy? Crickets! You said not one word, neither to defend Congresswoman Cheney, a member of your leadership team, nor, which is worse, to criticize Congressman Gaetz for his open defiance of your plea to stop calling out fellow Republicans by name because doing so could put their lives in danger.

Exhibit Two. That very same day, Mr. Leader, you met with former President Trump at Mar-A-Lago. This is the same man who, just two weeks earlier, you said “bears responsibility for the attack on Congress by mob rioters” that forced you and your members to flee for your lives.

Surely you must know, Mr. Leader, that by sucking up to Donald Trump you’re just helping him perpetuate his big lie that the election was stolen from him. “Cutting this crap out” must start with admitting that Joe Biden didn’t “steal” the election, he won it fair and square. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has told his members to accept the results of the election and move on. Why won’t you?

Exhibit Three. A certain new congresswoman from Georgia. Mr. Leader, there’s one opportunity to show the world that you’re really serious about cutting out the crap: Punish Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). She’s given you multiple reasons for doing so.

Before her election, Greene had openly joined the ranks of QAnon conspiracists. On Twitter, she “liked” a comment that “a bullet to the head” would be the quickest way to dispose of Pelosi. She also “liked” a comment that FBI agents who were investigating President Trump should be “hung for treason,” and expressed support on Facebook for a plan to hang former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As if that’s not bad enough, Greene’s also accused Muslim members of Congress of being part of an “Islamic invasion of our government” and argued that both the 2018 high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., and the 2017 Las Vegas mass murder were “false flag” operations organized by gun control activists. In perhaps her most outrageous Facebook post (since deleted), she claimed that the 2018 California Camp fire, which claimed 85 lives and destroyed 200,000 structures, was deliberately set by then-Gov. Jerry Brown with Jewish-funded lasers from outer space.

Leader McCarthy, what are you waiting for? If calls for assassinating political leaders and FBI agents is not sufficient cause for you to act, what is?

In response, your office only says you plan to have a “conversation” with her. Please! These shocking, conspiracy-laden, explosive social media comments — for which Greene insists she’ll never “apologize” — demand more than a conversation. They demand that she be censured, removed from all committees, or better yet, expelled from Congress. She’s a blight on the entire House of Representatives.

Remember, Mr. Leader: Cutting out the crap starts with you. Fire Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Press is host of “The Bill Press Pod.” He is author of “From the Left: A Life in the Crossfire.”

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