Time to put Hillary to bed

Time to put Hillary to bed
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Let’s put this myth to bed: Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonState cites 38 people for violations in Clinton email review Trump campaign to hold rallies in Mississippi, Kentucky Biden struggles to reverse fall MORE is not running for president in 2020.

Would she be more qualified than Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpFlorida GOP lawmaker says he's 'thinking' about impeachment Democrats introduce 'THUG Act' to block funding for G-7 at Trump resort Kurdish group PKK pens open letter rebuking Trump's comparison to ISIS MORE? Absolutely. Is she more temperamentally fit than Trump? Of course. Does she want to be president? It seems like it. But is she going to run? Not a chance.

Clinton isn’t going to run in 2020 because she realizes that her window to become president has closed. The former secretary of State lost to two of the most historic presidents in our nation’s history. One president is historic for all of the right reasons and the other for all the wrong reasons. I’ll let you decide which is which.

Clinton, much like John KerryJohn Forbes KerryOvernight Energy: Farmers say EPA reneged on ethanol deal | EPA scrubs senators' quotes from controversial ethanol announcement | Perry unsure if he'll comply with subpoena | John Kerry criticizes lack of climate talk at debate John Kerry calls out lack of climate questions at debate Democrats' debate divisions open the race to new (or old) faces MORE, is the textbook example of why a “but the other guy is worse” campaign hardly ever works. Her Achilles heel has always been her failure to inspire the masses, and it unfortunately it showed during the election. She constantly relied on her surrogates to produce fireworks. Running for president isn’t easy. If it were, anyone would do it. She is capable of ignoring foolish challenges and unpresidential slights. If only we could say the same about the guy with the nuclear codes.

To be clear, I’m not anti-Republican. I refuse to believe the president represents the Republicans that I know. The Republicans I know are kind, thoughtful and hard-working Americans. I know they want a Republican the White House, but this isn’t the guy. Truth be told, Clinton’s views are far more in tune with the majority of Americans than Trump, which is probably why she won the popular vote. Unfortunately, the former secretary of State was exceptionally inartful at delivering her message. Some of that was the media’s fault, and some of it was her own. How much will forever be up for debate.


Clinton certainly has a future in politics, but it is not as a candidate for the highest office. Her political afterlife will be to help shape policy and move the conversation forward. She’ll be an elder stateswoman, not the head of the party, and is certainly not the ying to Trump’s yang. She should not try to act as a foil to Trump. The president is attempting to goad the former first lady into a war of words that creates an “us versus them” narrative. It excites his base and allows him to circle the wagons. Taking the bait does nothing to help Democrats prepare for 2018 or 2020. There is no plausible reason for Clinton to take the president’s bait. As his administration takes on water, Trump will undoubtedly continue to toss insults in every direction, even at his own allies.

Trump realizes that the American people’s attention span is alarming short. As long as he hops from one incredibly embarrassing and divisive sound bite to another, he can keep the entire country on its heels. There should be no confusion, the president is intentionally overloading our senses and purposefully normalizing disgusting behavior for political purposes. His behavior with regard to firing James Comey, potentially colluding with Russia, and flirting with white supremacists doesn’t seem so crazy after nine months in office, but it should. The last thing that the country needs right now is for Clinton to become a vocal opposition for Trump and his band of misfits.

Clinton is by no means a perfect politician or individual, but I supremely believe that she would have been a better president for all Americans. I supremely believe that in spite of the intellectually dishonest policy arguments and morally reprehensible character attacks leveled at her, Clinton would have attempted to unite the country and bridge the ideological divide. I also supremely believe that the same Republicans who swore that they had a replacement for ObamaCare and peddled in “PizzaGate” conspiracies would have done everything possible to act as an impediment to a Clinton presidency. That’s our current political landscape. Clinton should continue to rise above the fray.

This is one of those times where silence is golden. The Republican Party is already on the edge of total civil war, thanks to Steve Bannon and the Mercer family. The Breitbart wing of the party is ready to relight their torches and take the establishment wing head on. The president’s approval ratings and support within his own party is shaky. Hillary Clinton does not need to toss anyone a life preserver. She should let them drown. She can’t save us this time. We have to learn our lesson the hard way.

Michael Starr Hopkins is an attorney and former member of the presidential campaigns of Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaClinton suggests Russia grooming Gabbard to run as third-party 2020 candidate The Hill's 12:30 Report: Washington mourns loss of Elijah Cummings Obama: Cummings showed us 'the importance of checks and balances' MORE and Hillary Clinton. He regularly appears on Fox News and CNN to talk about national politics. You can follow him on Twitter @TheOnlyHonest.