Bill Press: The fix was in for Hillary

Bill Press: The fix was in for Hillary
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She’s a churlish, ungrateful, disloyal traitor. Those are just the kindest words my friends on the Democrative National Committee (DNC) are saying today about Donna Brazile, after her blistering comments about the DNC.

In her new book, “Hacks,” Brazile, who took over as acting chairwoman of the DNC in July 2016, recounts how she was determined to look into allegations — by Sen. Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersWarren joins Sanders in support of striking McDonald's workers Kavanaugh allegations could be monster storm brewing for midterm elections      Senate approves 4B spending bill MORE (I-Vt.), Martin O’Malley and others, including yours truly on CNN — that the DNC, contrary to party rules, had taken sides in the primary in support of Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton: FBI investigation into Kavanaugh could be done quickly Hillary Clinton urges Americans to 'check and reject' Trump's 'authoritarian tendencies' by voting in midterms EXCLUSIVE: Trump says exposing ‘corrupt’ FBI probe could be ‘crowning achievement’ of presidency MORE. She looked. She probed. And, she says, she discovered: That Bernie was right! For Hillary, the DNC fix was in.


That charge has infuriated former Clinton staffers, 94 of whom, led by former campaign chairman John Podesta, released a letter repudiating her claim of favoritism and blasting Brazile, a longtime DNC official, for buying into “false Russian-fueled propaganda.”


The Clintonistas are angry. They are passionate. And they are dead wrong. Of course, the DNC was in Hillary’s pocket.

We saw that first in the number, scheduling and timing of Democratic primary debates.

Beyond that, Brazile only fills in the blanks on what we first learned from the hacked DNC emails released by Wikileaks. Both the Clinton campaign and the Sanders campaign signed joint fundraising agreements with the DNC. On top of that, however, as Brazile reports, the Clinton campaign signed a memorandum of understanding giving it, in return for fundraising, review authority over DNC hiring and press releases. As a result, DNC Chief Financial Officer Gary Gensler told Brazile, the DNC was “fully under control” of the Clinton campaign.

For the Clinton campaign, that deal paid off big-time. While donors could only give a maximum of $2,700 to the Clinton campaign, they could contribute a maximum of $353,400 to the DNC’s Victory Fund — ostensibly to help state parties and the DNC in the general election. Under terms of the DNC/Clinton deal, however, the vast majority of those funds were laundered by the DNC directly into Clinton’s primary campaign against Bernie Sanders.




Of course, the DNC wasn’t alone in trying to rig the primary for Hillary Clinton. From the White House, Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTime for sunshine on Trump-Russia investigation Getting politics out of the pit To cure Congress, elect more former military members MORE, while pretending to remain neutral, did his part — allowing four Cabinet members to endorse Clinton in the primary. Who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t tipped the scales in Hillary’s favor? Kudos to Donna Brazile for exposing the whole fraudulent campaign.

On another point, however, Brazile gets no credit. She reveals that, after Hillary’s fainting spell on Sept. 11, 2016, she considered dumping Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president and replacing her — with Joe BidenJoseph (Joe) Robinette BidenBiden: Presume the 'essence' of sexual assault accusations are 'real' Sanders, Warren ask whether there’s room for both in primary Kavanaugh hires attorney amid sexual assault allegations: report MORE.

Joe Biden? WTF! The truth is, Brazile did not have the authority to remove a nominee from the ticket. But, if she did, it was Bernie Sanders, not Joe Biden, who deserved to take Clinton’s place. After all, Bernie got more than 1,800 delegates, Biden got none. He didn’t run. He wasn’t even a candidate.

By choosing Biden over Sanders, Donna Brazile proves she’s also guilty of tipping the scale against Bernie.

Press is host of “The Bill Press Show” on Free Speech TV and author of “Buyer’s Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives Down.”