Brent Budowsky: A plea to Alabama voters

Brent Budowsky: A plea to Alabama voters
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Dear Alabama voters, in a few days you will cast one of the most consequential votes of your lifetime that will change the course of history and greatly impact your lives. Please consider the following.

You have read much about the tax bill that most analysts agree will impose a tax increase on many Alabamians and Americans with incomes under $75,000 a year. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2016 Alabama ranked 47th of all 50 states in per capital income, with an average income of under $39,000 a year. The many Americans with incomes under $75,000 who will be slammed by tax increases under this bill include many Alabamians. Ask your tax preparer if you are one of them.


If Doug Jones is elected to the Senate, he would fight against every tax increase, in every bill, that Washington would impose on middle-class or poor Alabamians. He would fight for larger tax cuts for every Alabamian who needs it. When Roy Moore suggests otherwise, he is violating the Ten Commandments, which teach “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

If Moore is elected to the Senate the Republican leader, Sen. Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellHow Cruz Supreme Court case could lead to unlimited anonymous election spending Trump and Biden should stop denigrating US elections The Armageddon elections to come MORE (Ky.), will gain one more vote for tax bills similar to the highly unpopular tax cut for the rich that is pending today.

This is why McConnell, who first said that Moore is unfit for the Senate, now says the voters of Alabama will decide. A carpetbagger named Stephen Bannon can visit Alabama and tell you the tale that Moore opposes the Washington Republican establishment. Ask him why Republican National Committee, the pillar of the Washington Republican establishment, pours big money into the Moore campaign.

If Jones wins, middle-class Alabamians will have a fighter on their side. Poor Alabamians will have a champion for their cause. If Moore wins, the big winners will be wealthy billionaires, multinational conglomerates and giant Wall Street banks who receive the most lavish benefits from the policies Moore and McConnell promote.

Today Alabamians pay some of the highest insurance premiums in America. Health-care analysts warn the tax bill will raise premiums even higher for tens of millions of Americans, including many in Alabama.

Jones will oppose these policies that will raise your premiums. He will support a public option to guarantee every Alabamian at least one good insurance option to lower your premiums dramatically. If Moore is elected, McConnell will win one more vote for policies that will raise your cost for insurance.

As a leading Alabama newspaper wrote endorsing Jones, decency itself is on the ballot next week. Moore slanders every one of the nine women who came forward by claiming they are all lying. He insults every shopping mall employee who has told of having to protect teenagers from Moore while he cruised the malls at night by claiming they are lying, too. Moore victimizes the women again by attacking their honor now, after he abused them when they were young with his predatory behavior.

If Moore wins sexual predators will feel vindicated and emboldened. I plead with you, Alabama voters. Do not do this to your daughters, wives, sisters and mothers and the daughters, wives, sisters and mothers of your neighbors and friends. They deserve to be safe and protected from predators, not represented by a predator in the Senate.

If Alabama becomes known as the place where predators can prowl in pursuit of girls in the malls at night and be sent to the Senate, businesses that are thinking of coming to Alabama will not come, some may leave, boycotts could begin and your economy will pay a price.

Doug Jones is a good man with a stellar reputation in the community, a former prosecutor who believes in fighting crime and advancing justice, a champion of lower taxes and insurance premiums for those who need them, and a leader who will make Alabamians proud if he serves you in the Senate.

Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Ark.), who was chief deputy majority whip of the U.S. House of Representatives. He holds an LLM in international financial law from the London School of Economics.