Mitt Romney is the man for Utah

Mitt Romney is the man for Utah
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From serving as governor of Massachusetts to running for president and becoming the nominee of a major party, Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyMaher makes million donation to Democratic Senate super PAC Poll: House GOP candidate leads in California swing district Super PACs spend big in high-stakes midterms MORE has had a storied political career. It goes without saying that his love and passion for people and politics began with his father, George Romney, who himself was a former governor and presidential candidate.

From learning the importance of understanding the complexities of policy and the impacts it has on people at all levels, to building and maintaining coalitions with disparate groups and people, Romney would not only be beneficial to the United States Senate, but he would be a necessary boost to the Republican Party and the nation as a whole, particularly at a time when objective reasoning, logic and compassion appear to have all but escaped our current environment.

While some of his critics inaccurately refer to Romney as a moderate or “Republican in name only,” he accurately embraces conservatism as an ideology. To believe in a political philosophy and embrace it is your ideology means to accept its tenets as your values and belief systems, and embrace it not only in the realms of politics, but in your life and Romney has done just that. 

He is a man who understands hard work, which is evident by his success in business, with the Olympics, and also as a politician from the Massachusetts statehouse to the governorship. It is also evident in the way he’s lived his life as a family man, being dedicated to the same woman for 47 years, being involved in his church, and giving back to the community through his philanthropic givings.

As Michael Oakeshott, one of the greatest conservative philosophers of the 20th century wrote, “To be conservative is disclosed, not as prejudiced hostility to a ‘progressive’ attitude capable of embracing the whole range of human conduct, but as a disposition exclusively appropriate in a large and significant field of human activity. And the man in whom this disposition is preeminent appears as one who prefers to engage in activities where to be conservative is uniquely appropriate, and not as a man inclined to impose his conservatism indiscriminately upon all human activity.”

This accurately applies to Romney. These ingredients without a doubt make him the ideal individual at this opportune time to run for Senate. Being apt to contemplate a multiplicity of opinions on all conceivable subjects is what allows a leader to craft and support the best policies. Building legislation that is beneficial to the greatest number of people and industries, which is no easy task, but it is a task that Romney’s experience in business and as a public servant have equipped him to handle.

This is exactly where the Republican Party needs as it finds itself having only passed only one major legislative item in 2017. The voters of Utah and Americans everywhere expect a government that works for the people, not some of the people, not the red states over the blue states or vice versa, but for all of the people. That is the type of leader Romney has been throughout his life, and I wouldn’t expect that to change if he were elected to the Senate.

We charge our leaders to speak for us and to speak to us. The expectation is that they work tirelessly with every breath in their body to foster an environment that maximizes our individual rights, which limits government to the consent of the governed and believes strongly in the equal treatment under the law for all.

It goes without saying that conservatism has failed to chart a new course and has become relegated to one group, but within and of itself, that is not enough to sustain it as an ideology. In a more ethnically diverse society, it is becoming clearer and all the more urgent that conservatism expand and reach new audiences, but that cannot occur under our current direction. We must embrace that which we maintain to be true, while recognizing that words matter as much as the policies we support.

The voters of Utah won’t be indiscriminate in their reasons for supporting Romney and conservatives as whole should consider doing the same. Ideological terms such as conservatism, and to a lesser extent liberalism, have become so muddled with unfamiliarity, that it’s anyone’s guess what it means to embrace either of the two.

However, as it relates explicitly to conservatism and to our growth and progress forward as an ideology, we must be led by leaders who not only understand what it means to be a conservative socially or politically, but what it means to lead. That is why Mitt Romney is great for Utah, the Republican Party, and the nation.

Shermichael Singleton is a CNN political commentator and a Republican political strategist who has worked on the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and Ben CarsonBenjamin (Ben) Solomon CarsonBen Carson appears to tie allegation against Kavanaugh to socialist plot The Hill's Morning Report — Sponsored by United Against Nuclear Iran — Kavanaugh, accuser say they’re prepared to testify Report: A third of Ben Carson’s appointees have no housing experience MORE. Follow him on Twitter @Shermichael_.