Shutdown shows Democrats are dreaming Obama is still president

Shutdown shows Democrats are dreaming Obama is still president
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The Schumer shutdown was a cynical political stunt and a losing legislative strategy. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) can’t be baked into a continuing resolution, and President TrumpDonald TrumpCIA chief threatened to resign over push to install Trump loyalist as deputy: report Azar in departure letter says Capitol riot threatens to 'tarnish' administration's accomplishments Justice Dept. argues Trump should get immunity from rape accuser's lawsuit MORE rightly refused to even discuss immigration unless the government is funded. The public may be sympathetic to finding a solution for DACA, but not in a vacuum, and certainly not at the expense of shutting down the government. So Senate Minority Leader Chuck SchumerChuck SchumerBiden and the new Congress must protect Americans from utility shutoffs 'Almost Heaven, West Virginia' — Joe Manchin and a 50-50 Senate Democrats looking to speed through Senate impeachment trial MORE (D-N.Y.) blinked.

The problem confronting Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiDemocrats point fingers on whether Capitol rioters had inside help Pelosi suggests criminal charges for any lawmaker who helped with Capitol riot Pelosi mum on when House will send impeachment article to Senate MORE (D-Calif.) is that they are beholden to a hopelessly blinkered base whose sole unifying principle is a common loathing of Donald Trump. Absent any more compelling policies to draw more voters to their candidates, this is what they are going with. So, every political move they make must first pass this litmus test: Does this contemplated action sufficiently resist Trump?

The problem with such a ridiculous test is it leaves the Democratic Party’s elected officials in awkward and ultimately indefensible positions. For example, objecting to the recent tax bill in the shrillest and most hyperbolic rhetoric possible. Then, only a few short weeks later, when the tax bill has already started to manifest the intended effects (more money in the pockets of voters, hundreds of companies giving raises and bonuses, Apple paying $38 billion in taxes to bring $250 billion back to America), the loudest Democratic critics are revealed to be economically tone-deaf chumps.

The Democrats are not alone. The Republicans have their own clueless caucus on Capitol Hill. These are the leaders that previously did nothing to stop President Obama’s reshaping of American society, on some Ivy League notion, of an America based on European social democracy. Not surprisingly, these are the same folks, who currently do nothing to help the Republican president implement the agenda that won Republicans the House, Senate and White House.

The Republican Party’s clueless caucus shares the impediment to rational thought that infects the left, a visceral hatred of Donald Trump. So, they happily jump aboard any attempt to make Trump the issue. Founding member Sen. Lindsey GrahamLindsey Olin GrahamThe Hill's Morning Report - Biden asks Congress to expand largest relief response in U.S. history McConnell about to school Trump on political power for the last time Additional airlines ban guns on flights to DC ahead of inauguration MORE (R-S.C.) offered some soaring ideological nonsense that basically said ideas are more important than Americans.

Sen. Jeff FlakeJeffrey (Jeff) Lane FlakeCindy McCain on possible GOP censure: 'I think I'm going to make T-shirts' Arizona state GOP moves to censure Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake Arizona county's Republican committee debates censuring Cindy McCain MORE (R-Ariz.), who couldn’t win reelection to the seat he currently holds, offered an intellectually starved but sickly sanctimonious lecture comparing Trump to Joseph Stalin. Never mind that the Senate chamber was empty, the mainstream media wing of the Democratic Party lapped it up, and the speech got a plenty of play.

Then there is perennial candidate and Michigan native, the former Massachusetts governor and twice failed (three times if you count the unsuccessful convention plot) presidential candidate Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt Romney'Almost Heaven, West Virginia' — Joe Manchin and a 50-50 Senate The Hill's Morning Report - Biden asks Congress to expand largest relief response in U.S. history McConnell about to school Trump on political power for the last time MORE. He was sighted in Utah trying to draw attention to himself by cynically tooting the Democratic dog whistle, calling Trump a racist.

We suffered 10 days of name-calling, virtue-signaling leftist fun in the echo chamber known as the mainstream media. But, when that did absolutely nothing to break down the president on the issue that was the catalyst for his successful presidential campaign, Chuck and Nancy had an idea. They picked a government funding fight by withholding normal government services to 320 million citizens and leaving the overstretched, underfunded military unpaid, all to jam 800,000 illegal immigrants down Trump’s throat. This was not political genius.

In fact, Democratic political genius in the Trump era has become an endangered species at risk of extinction. Perhaps this is because they are unable to acknowledge the most basic facts of their political reality that Trump was elected and he is their president, too. The public chose him because of his agenda. The Democrats think that DACA is the problem, but it is not. It is just a symptom of the larger problem of a failed immigration system that features no border control, no criteria for selecting who comes here, and no consequences for migrating illegal complements of sanctuary cities, counties and states where law enforcement is optional.

Here are a few ideas Congress should implement. Get the military paid and properly funded so it can plan and effectuate an overwhelmingly dominant national security strategy, while holding the line on all other government spending. Deal with the failed immigration system, so our borders are secure and society is given the opportunity to work better for American citizens. Stop flooding the unskilled job market when automation is already eliminating jobs and schools aren’t preparing our children for skilled employment.

Give the economic stimulus of the tax bill a chance to work its job-creating magic so there are more good jobs and wages rise. Don’t put Dreamers ahead of the dreams of 320 million American citizens. Solve the DACA problem when the Democrats are serious about helping to solve the problems of the American citizens. And by the way, clean up Obama’s weaponized Justice Department, FBI and IRS. Get to the bottom of the Clinton Foundation scandal. The Clintons somehow accumulated over $250 million. What was the product? What was the service?

Obama isn’t the president anymore. There is a new sheriff in town, and he is insisting on law and order. That is the lesson of the DACA fight and the Schumer shutdown.

Dan Palmer is a Republican donor and conservative political strategist. He served as executive director of United We Stand, planned the potential transition of Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzCruz, Cornyn to attend Biden inauguration For platform regulation Congress should use a European cheat sheet Former GOP congressman says he's leaving party: 'This has become a cult' MORE, and supported the campaigns of Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthyGOP divided over Liz Cheney's future Democrats point fingers on whether Capitol rioters had inside help Pelosi suggests criminal charges for any lawmaker who helped with Capitol riot MORE and Donald Trump. Find him on Facebook @RealDanPalmer.