Texas won't turn blue until the Dems change their position on pro-life supporters

Texas won't turn blue until the Dems change their position on pro-life supporters
© Camille Fine

Every election of late, Democrats claim they are on the verge of turning Texas blue, but this will never happen until Democrats dare to stand up to the abortion lobby by recruiting pro-life candidates.

Democratic Party operatives love to point to the large Hispanic population in Texas and claim they will vote Democratic because of the immigration issues while ignoring the fact that large numbers of Hispanics are pro-life.

This fact has been demonstrated over and over again in the fact that many Hispanic communities have a willingness to support pro-life Republicans in Texas, Florida, and Arizona.


The Texas Gubernatorial Project, run by Joe Arlinghaus, test-marketed this preference during Wendy Davis’s 2014 Texas gubernatorial campaign. Not surprisingly, they found that “The best targets for pro-life messaging were Democratic-leaning women, young voters, and Hispanic voters. Exposure to just one pro-life video ad shifted Democratic-leaning women by 10 points away from Davis and toward Abbott.”

The Democratic Party dares not test this thesis because to do so might alienate their pro-choice funders. Despite making abortion rights the centerpiece of her campaign, Wendy Davis lost decisively, 59 percent  to 38 percent.

In fact, in the Democratic primary, pro-life Democrat Reynaldo “Ray” Madrigal was able to win several Hispanic-leaning border counties and more than 20 percent of the vote with only $150.

This same pro-life preference appears to be playing out all across the country. NARAL Pro-Choice America just released a poll in Congressman Dan Lipinski’s (D-Ill.) race against Marie Newman in Illinois.

Contrary to the argument that pro-choice Democrats make about how their future lies is with Hispanics. The poll shows that Hispanics strongly support pro-life Congressman Lipinski by a margin of 44 percent to 33 percent.

Women and voters 18 to 45 also show a preference for Lipinski. African-Americans also favor the pro-life candidate. The Democratic leadership believes that these constituents are the future of the party; the leadership’s continued embrace of abortion without limits certainly doesn’t appear to provide an advantage and may be a detriment.

Of course, NARAL would argue that the life issue is not the reason for this disparity, but we will never know unless pollsters ask more nuanced questions, such as, “Would you prefer to support a pro-life or pro-choice Democrat?” “Would you support a ban on abortions by the fifth month?” or “Do you support taxpayer-funding of abortions?”

Pro-choice organizations and their sympathetic pollsters prefer to ask, “Do you support overturning Roe vs. Wade?”

They understand that this skews the results because most people fear that such an outcome would ban abortions in all circumstances in all states.

Of course, there are always pro-life Democratic voters who hold their noses to vote for pro-choice candidates because they care passionately about labor issues, peace issues, or economic fairness.

Ignoring this calculated compromise by so many Democrats and Independents is not a long-term winning strategy for the Democratic Party.

Should the Democratic National Committee (DNC) get outside their D.C. bubble to talk to pro-life Democrats running in rural areas, they would regularly hear Democrats called “baby killers” and learn that the most frequently asked question on the campaign trail is, “Are you pro-life?”

For how long will candidates have to tell the DNC that they cannot raise money because most fundraisers, media firms, and pollsters refuse to work for a pro-life candidate out of fear of losing work from the pro-choice funders of the Democratic Party?

The worst advice pro-life Democratic candidates routinely get from the Democratic consultants is to hide the fact that they are pro-life because “that position would alienate the base from voting for them.” Or “You can be pro-life, but tell people you won’t vote that way.”

That strategy did not work so well for Nebraska State Senator Heath Mello, who was set to win the Omaha mayoral race until NARAL intervened. The DNC sadly overestimates their base in middle America and Independents, who are necessary for victories!

Instead of stepping away from the deep financial pockets of NARAL, Emily’s List, and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the DNC has come up with a strategy of running pro-choice candidates who are either former military or Chamber of Commerce-friendly candidates. Sometimes this strategy works for an election or two, but the Democratic leadership “abortion on demand” and pro-big business rhetoric turns off the Democratic base and swing voters more than any pro-life candidate could.

Until the Democratic Party changes, don’t hold your breath that in this election Texas will turn blue.

Kristen Day is the executive director at Democrats For Life of America, which is a pro-life voice and wing of the Democratic Party.