Press: Today’s vote. Donald Trump: Yes or no?

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Today’s midterm elections are NOT a referendum on President Trump. Ask any Democrat, and they’ll say the same thing: The midterms are about health care, or jobs or the economy. But they are NOT a referendum on Trump.

Again, that’s what any Democrat running for office this year will tell you — and they’re dead wrong. This midterm election is, indeed, a referendum on Trump and for one simple reason: Because he’s made them that way.

{mosads}In fact, no president has campaigned so vigorously in a midterm election as Trump. He doesn’t even pretend to govern anymore. The man’s a nonstop political machine. A total of 53 campaign rallies in 28 states. Eleven in the past eight days alone. And no rally was ever canceled or postponed, no matter what else was going on. Not even a hurricane or mass murder at a synagogue could stop them.

And what was the message in every rally? In theory, they were scheduled to support Republican Senate and House candidates in 2018. In reality, they were nothing but the first round of reelection rallies for Trump in 2020. Like everything else in Trump World, Trump’s campaign rallies were all about him. They were totally Trump-centric. In a typical one-hour rant, Trump might once mention the name of the Senate candidate he was ostensibly there to endorse. The rest of the time, he talked about himself.

The Trump organization, in fact, didn’t even try to hide the fact that this year’s rallies were nothing but a dry run for 2020. Looking two years ahead, their theme was: “Keep America Great.” Supporters waved signs that trumpeted “Trump 2020.” And Trump ended every rally by encouraging the crowd to vote – for him! “I’m not on the ballot,” Trump told a crowd in Mississippi. “But in a certain way, I’m on the ballot. So, please go out and vote.” Me, me, me.

Of course, that wasn’t what most Republicans wanted. They’d counted on talking about their own issues: tax cuts, jobs, the economy. They didn’t want to spend the whole campaign defending Trump, but he didn’t care. He ignored their pleas to talk about the economy. In effect, he hijacked the election and made the whole campaign about himself and his hard-line views on immigration.

Forget all the other issues. The entire midterm election boils down to this: Do you approve of Donald Trump? Do you like what you’ve seen from this president? Yes or no?

Do you believe a president should always tell the truth? Does it bother you that, according to the Washington Post, in the first 649 days of his presidency, Donald Trump told a total of 6,420 lies, or an average 9.9 lies a day? Yes or No?  

Do you approve of a president who pays $130,000 to a porn star not to talk about their alleged affair, who’s been accused of sexual assault by 19 different women, and who once bragged about grabbing women by their genitals? Yes or no?

And especially, do you believe that unarmed families fleeing violence in Central America and seeking asylum in the United States constitute an “invading force” and pose such a threat that they must be met at the border by the U.S. Army with instructions to shoot to kill? Yes or no?

That’s the ultimate test. Are we Americans as hate-filled, xenophobic and racist as Trump believes we are? Yes or no? We can only pray not.

Press is host of “The Bill Press Show” on Free Speech TV and author of “From the Left: A Life in the Crossfire.”

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