Hey team, loyalty means we don't whine 'Trump is a wimp'

Hey team, loyalty means we don't whine 'Trump is a wimp'
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This past Friday in her “victory” speech to the media, fellow members of Congress and all Americans who believe in open borders and the dismantling of Western civilization — really, a large, single group — House Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiSunday shows preview: Bipartisan infrastructure talks drag on; Democrats plow ahead with Jan. 6 probe House Democrats grow frustrated as they feel ignored by Senate Yellen to Congress: Raise the debt ceiling or risk 'irreparable harm' MORE (D-Calif.) said: “I always say, when people say to me, ‘Oh, you’re so good at organizing your caucus’ — no, I don’t unify our caucus. Our values unify us. … The fact is, is that our diversity is our strength. … Our unity is our power, and that is what, maybe, the president underestimated.”

Pelosi is absolutely right. Democrats do stick together. They show unity.


In the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, President TrumpDonald TrumpTrump hails Arizona Senate for audit at Phoenix rally, slams governor Arkansas governor says it's 'disappointing' vaccinations have become 'political' Watch live: Trump attends rally in Phoenix MORE has dropped in his overall approval rating 4 percentage points since the government shutdown began. On Dec. 21, 2018, he registered with a 49 percent approval rating. Last Friday, that number stood at 45 percent.

Unity on our team? Not so much.

The nature of the life I have chosen forces me to spend much of my time living in the seedy apartment that is social media. I have watched since the announcement of the temporary end of the government shutdown, without a deal on the border wall, a stream of vitriol and sarcasm across all social media platforms from people who have presented themselves as supporters of the president. The words all have different writers, but their theme is the same: “He caved.”

It isn’t just the unruly masses. Prominent political voices, those associated with our team generally and with Trump particularly, have taken to Twitter with a myriad of sarcastic, critical comments. Some refer to the president as a “wimp”; others find variations on that theme.

Many of these critics are people I long have respected for their patriotism, relentlessness and writing styles. They are people who always seemed “strong” to me.


Turns out I was wrong about their strength. What they have done is choose the expedient route of trashing the president in a way that can only serve to further cripple him.  

I have a newsflash for every fair-weather supporter of Trump: He is all we have.

Do any of the conservatives abandoning Trump really think there is some sort of Plan B? He is the only person in America willing to fight this fight. If his new critics and established critics are successful in completely neutering the rest of his presidency, what exactly do they think comes next?

Maybe former Ohio Gov. John Kasich will fight this fight? Maybe former House Speaker Paul Ryan? How about Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) to pick up the flag and take point?

I find dispiriting the back-stabbing attacks saying the president sold us out, that we have no hope. It isn’t that I’m unable to understand the disillusionment, but it disgusts me to see such lack of loyalty, lack of unity, by our “team.” We simply don’t seem to have the strength of character and conviction that is manifestly present in Pelosi, Sen. Chuck SchumerChuck SchumerMcConnell pushes vaccines, but GOP muddles his message Biden administration stokes frustration over Canada Schumer blasts McCarthy for picking people who 'supported the big lie' for Jan. 6 panel MORE (D-N.Y.) and the rest of Team Left.

Loyalty can be a tricky thing. Blind loyalty almost always is bad; it’s likely only of value, in the direst of military battle situations. Loyalty properly applied requires the injection of reasoned thought, to make sure the emotional nature of loyalty isn’t hijacked toward improper ends.

Permit me to reason with you a bit. Since he took office, everything that Trump has done, or attempted to do, has been centered around these themes:

  • The United States, as memorialized in our Constitution and as extended to all citizens through amendments, is the greatest nation state ever to exist;
  • Because of the decisions of past politicians, the United States’s position as a nation state has declined throughout the world;

  • Each decision that is made from this point forward needs to be centered around making the United States the preeminent nation in the world again and allowing its citizens to thrive and prosper.

Those are the driving themes of his presidency. I ask every snarky social media participant, and I ask you rhetorically, who else is going to step up and fight this fight for us? Nobody has come close since Ronald Reagan. Nobody appears to be on the horizon.

I have taken a lot of heat, publicly and privately, for my loyalty to Trump. But my loyalty to him and his ideas isn’t blind. It is reason that tells me he is our best, perhaps last, hope to reverse the American slide into globalism.

Loyalty is a virtue difficult to find in politics, especially on social media. That said, Team Left seems to have found it and now is gloating. Democrats have just pushed us down on the playground and are standing over us laughing. And we are just lying there, whining that our president is a wimp.

I know people will accuse me of blind loyalty to the president, but I can assure you I see with the vision of reason that this president is doing everything he can, mostly alone, to fight for ideas in which I believe. I will stay loyal to that for as long as I must. What about you? Maybe you would rather just hop on social media and trash Trump and me together?

Charlie Kirk is the founder and president of Turning Point USA, a conservative nonprofit that aims to educate students on free-market values. You can follow him on Twitter @CharlieKirk11.