Donald Trump will win the Democratic Party civil war

As Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his presidential pedigree to the American public, Nancy Pelosi wages war with Democrats keen on dragging the party further left. This will only benefit the candidacy of my father in 2020. With the election approaching, Trump has cultivated support from the various groups within the Republican caucus, rallying them around his agenda, as well as a growing number of independents and even some Democrats benefiting from this successful economy.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is losing her grip over her coalition, and moderate Democrats across the country are beginning to realize that she is fighting a losing battle against the radical left in her caucus. The Democratic Party is under the spell of the radical left. Freshman Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar hold real influence, even if it has yet to translate to actual power on Capitol Hill.

It is in the public sphere where their power resides. While Pelosi wants to cement her legacy with legislative victories, the activist wing is happy to leave legislative action to a future date. For these progressive radicals, pushing the party further left, especially on social media, is a greater priority than achieving concrete policy goals. Their strategy is working.

Although Democratic leaders may take issue with the left wing of the party, the mainstream media and the 2020 presidential candidates have fully embraced the liberal agenda. In the most recent primary debate, all the Democratic candidates on stage supported providing “free” health care for undocumented immigrants. Several candidates also support decriminalizing illegally crossing the border. Reparations for slavery and late term abortion are now considered the litmus test thresholds by the Democratic base as well. When far left Democrats are not calling their centrist members racist, they show off their ability to pander in Spanish.

Three years ago, these positions were inconceivable, as Bernie Sanders has noted. Pelosi is trying to lead a party that has already gone off the deep end, and she is fighting a losing battle. The leftward race to the bottom will continue despite her lip service to moderate Democrats. Her past efforts to resist the activists, after all, have resulted in resounding defeats. When Ocasio-Cortez launched the Green New Deal, for example, Pelosi simply laughed it off as the “green dream or whatever they call it.”

Today, it is a core feature of almost every major Democratic campaign. When Sanders announced “Medicare for All,” Pelosi expressed serious objections. Now support for single payer health care and elimination of the private insurance industry is virtually mandatory for the Democratic candidates. Pelosi began the current term in Congress by downplaying impeachment talk. Now she claims she wants to see my father in prison.

Democrats are more beholden to their activist class than to the majority of the American people. Whether voters like it or not, extremists such as Ocasio-Cortez, not Pelosi, are in charge of setting the party agenda. The radical wing of the party has become the mainstream, and that clearly terrifies Pelosi, who understands that the majority of the American people do not support all the socialist schemes touted by the extreme liberals.

Pelosi knows that giving in to the progressive radicals will spell political suicide for her party. Pelosi is only in power because moderate Democrats were able to flip Republican seats in the 2018 midterms. However, many of those moderates ran against Pelosi in the race for House Speaker, telling voters that she was too far to the left. In the eyes of moderate Democrats, Pelosi cannot be trusted to resist the pressure coming from her caucus. As this becomes clear to voters who elected centrist Democrats last year, the chances for Democrats in the 2020 election will go from slim to none.

The war of words between Pelosi and her caucus is a troubling sign for Democrats, as Trump increasingly looks like the only person capable of advancing an agenda popular with the American public because he is delivering results and not rhetoric. This means any losses Pelosi suffers in the escalating Democratic Party civil war will result in gains for Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. is executive vice president at the Trump Organization.

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