Democrats set to show off socialism

Aaron Schwartz

The socialist sideshow is hitting the road to tout their bad sales pitch to the American people during the debates in Detroit this week. No matter which night you watch, or if you tune out, ideas of government health care, axing private insurance, higher taxes, and better benefits to illegal immigrants than to our veterans will remain as the Democratic candidates demonstrate how out of touch they have become with Americans, while playing identity politics in the state of Michigan and across the country.

Rather than acknowledging the facts, socialist candidates will instead rely on debunked talking points. Senator Bernie Sanders says the economy only benefits the 1 percent, but every jobs report since President Trump started his term has disproved that. President Obama chided candidate Trump that manufacturing jobs could not come back with a magic wand.

As it turns out, President Trump has delivered on his promises for workers unlike any president in recent memory by reviving manufacturing and standing up to trade abuse. The country has had the best manufacturing job growth of the last 30 years with nearly 13 million Americans employed in the industry, which is the greatest amount in almost seven decades.

The policies of President Trump are working. The unemployment rate sits at the lowest level in 50 years with historically low unemployment for women, latinos, and blacks. Further, Americans are also benefiting in the form of higher wages and increased take home pay. On average, workers are seeing an additional $1,400 and families are getting an additional $3,000 thanks to the Republican tax cuts signed by President Trump.

But during the debates this week, you will not hear one candidate give the president any credit. Instead, they will say that the tax cuts went to the wealthy, a claim that has earned four pinocchios. It is difficult to take fiscal advice from Democratic candidates who actually suggested that middle class workers would be happy to pay more taxes for larger government.

Part of all the delusion among the Democratic candidates also involves embracing a government takeover of health care that would eliminate private insurance, increase hospital wait times, and lower the quality of care. About half of Americans with insurance rely on their employer plans. Moreover, even those Americans on Medicaid and Medicare depend on market competition to help with increasing options and lowering costs.

The most outrageous idea of all is proposing to take away private health insurance while agreeing to give free health care funded by taxpayers to illegal immigrants. This is in stark contrast to President Trump, who has eliminated the punitive ObamaCare mandate, expanded affordable limited duration health plans and association health plans, and decreased drug prices while creating transparency within the pharmaceutical industry.

We simply cannot afford to reverse the historic progress of the first term of President Trump, especially as the Democratic candidates continue to embrace a socialist vision for our country that would upend his success. The more debates there are for the Democratic candidates, the clearer it becomes that the best option is another four years of President Trump.

Madison Gesiotto is an attorney and a commentator who serves with the advisory board of the Donald Trump campaign. She was an inauguration spokesperson and former Miss Ohio. She is on Twitter @MadisonGesiotto.

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