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Siren song of impeachment lures Democrats toward election doom

Greg Nash

Like a moth drawn to the deadly glow of a scorching light, the Democrats are totally hypnotized by their own impeachment narrative, seemingly oblivious to the impending doom that awaits them in 2020.

The era of strategic caution around impeachment is now over. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have fully committed to pursuing a politically motivated coup against President Trump by voting in favor of a resolution that formalizes the “official impeachment inquiry” that she declared on her own nonexistent authority several weeks ago in an effort to spare vulnerable Democrats the electoral consequences of voting to endorse the sham formal House proceedings.

The resolution merely addresses the process, however, and a deeply biased framework for the ongoing House investigation. The Democrats have not only given themselves the power to control which witnesses testify, they have also reserved the right to cherry pick which portions of the witness testimony will get released to the public.

While the liberal media laud Speaker Pelosi as a brilliant strategist for supposedly neutering the White House argument that the inquiry was illegitimate without a floor vote, independent polling suggests that the Democrats are playing with fire. In fact, recent surveys conducted by the New York Times and Marquette Law School have found that voters across critical battleground states strongly oppose the ultimate goal of the Democrats to remove President Trump from office.

The New York Times poll revealed that 52 percent of voters across six battleground states do not want to see President Trump impeached and removed from office, as opposed to 44 percent who do. While a slim majority said they support the House investigation, that number is certain to shrink now that the Democrats have established an impeachment process that is nothing more than a blueprint for attempting to remove President Trump from office by any means necessary.

The Marquette Law School poll, which focused on Wisconsin, found that 51 percent of voters are against the impeachment of President Trump, compared to 44 percent who are in favor. Notably, this poll also revealed that 49 percent of Wisconsin voters believe there is “not enough cause” for Congress to hold hearings on impeachment.

Ironically, these polls actually confirm that the gut instinct of Speaker Pelosi was right all along. For years, she stubbornly resisted the persistent calls for impeachment from the far left of her party out of concern that a politically motivated impeachment effort would cost the Democrats their House majority in the 2020 election. By caving to the demands of the radicals, Speaker Pelosi is steering her party toward more challenges in the races for the White House and Congress next year.

Ousting President Trump ahead of 2020 might appear to be an attractive proposition for the desperate Democrats, who expect that he will trounce them at the polls if they do not get rid of him first, but they are deceiving themselves. They keep drifting heedlessly toward the alluring light of impeachment, and soon enough they will get burned.

Madison Gesiotto is an attorney and a commentator who serves with the advisory board of the Donald Trump campaign. She was an inauguration spokesperson and former Miss Ohio. She is on Twitter @MadisonGesiotto.

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