Democrats need to wake up

Democrats need to wake up
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The Democratic National Committee once more does not want to let the people decide who the nominee should be. Politico recently reported that a small group of its members is seeking ways to weaken Bernie SandersBernie SandersJudd Gregg: Biden — a path to the presidency, or not Biden's 'allies' gearing up to sink his campaign Expanding tax credit for businesses retaining workers gains bipartisan support MORE and his campaign. They may have their reasons, as he is an independent and does not fully represent their principles. Republicans are hoping that he is the Democratic nominee, as many of them believe that his policies, most notably Medicare for All, will ensure victory for President TrumpDonald John TrumpFauci says his meetings with Trump have 'dramatically decreased' McEnany criticizes DC mayor for not imposing earlier curfew amid protests Stopping Israel's annexation is a US national security interest MORE.

Unfortunately, I would have to agree. If all this was not enough, the Iowa caucuses this week were completely disastrous. This meltdown has been the third consecutive presidential election cycle during which there have been problems with the Iowa caucuses, raising serious questions about the integrity of the results in the state. This is all because Iowa Democrats wanted a new app. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom PerezThomas Edward PerezClinton’s top five vice presidential picks Government social programs: Triumph of hope over evidence Labor’s 'wasteful spending and mismanagement” at Workers’ Comp MORE today finally called on the Iowa Democratic Party to recanvass the vote.

Parenthetically, this speaks to the issues of technology within our society. While technology has created so much good across the world, it has also contributed to the breakdown of civic communication. People are more likely to attack someone that they cannot personally see. Some of the first philosophers argued that a function of rhetoric is to bring us together and create a common polity in which we can make critical decisions together.


Democratic leaders, some of whom have previously questioned whether a more diverse state should host the first contest in the country, were also criticizing the Iowa caucuses. Fundamentally, this leads me to ask, what is wrong with the Democratic Party? I ask not because I am championing the Republican Party, but because at present it seems the Democrats are the only hope for establishing some semblance of respectable governance.

These last three days have been a huge wakeup call for Democrats. The State of the Union address, despite the egregious lies Trump told, was a strong speech not only for his base, but also for some African Americans and Latinos. The president artfully managed the politics of race. Trump mentioned proposed legislation regarding sanctuary cities, even though libertarian Cato Institute found that native born residents are more likely to be convicted of a crime than illegal immigrants in the state of Texas.

This speech is a warning to Democrats. On an emotional level, African Americans and Latinos may not like his behavior and rhetoric. However, his acknowledgement of African Americans and Latinos, and his mention of school choice, opportunity zones, criminal justice reform, historically black colleges, the strong economy, and low unemployment are enough to move some African Americans to pick him at the ballot box this fall.

If Trump can chip away five points of the black vote from Democrats, that is far more important than five points of the Hispanic vote in terms of the Electoral College. If Trump wins five points more of the black vote than he did in 2016, it would be enough to win the Electoral College again. Voters who dislike Trump should not solely focus on the popular vote. It is also about the Electoral College, like when he beat Hillary Clinton last time.

The State of the Union serves a major warning to Democrats, and so does everything from the Iowa caucuses to Trump delivering a “good show” in his address and getting acquitted by the Senate this week. If Democrats are not careful, Trump will be reelected. It is time for them to wake up.

Quardricos Driskell is a federal lobbyist and professor of politics with the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management.