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Unified rule for Democrats would end America as we know it

Greg Nash

In a matter of years, the United States could become unrecognizable: One-party control that can push through any legislation, no matter how radical. A fundamentally transformed Supreme Court that legislates rather than deliberates. Top-down federal control over nearly every aspect of American life. The only thing standing between us and such a dystopian vision is the result of the November election.

Moderate voters believe they are casting their ballots for the Democrat who talks about “bipartisanship” in a television ad and will get Joe Lieberman. But in reality, those voters are unknowingly pulling the levers for leftism that stands to fundamentally alter our nation and its institutions for generations to come. Should Democrats obtain unified control of both houses of Congress and the White House, a variety of radical propositions stand to become reality. And before you scoff at what a libertarian writer considers “radical,” consider that the issues Democrats are pushing now would have been considered impossible — indeed, laughable — just a few years ago.

Everything would be on the table. Everything. With control of the House, Senate and White House, the left could remake this country in ways that most Americans cannot yet fathom. If Senate Democrats killed the legislative filibuster, and there is every indication that they would, then through a simple majority the Biden-Harris administration would take on powers of what was previously reserved for a congressional supermajority. And there is precious little that Republicans could do to stop it.

A train without brakes is a dangerous thing. What is likely to be termed “Supreme Court reform” has been tried before with disastrous effects. Expanding the court with a handful of young left-wing justices with lifelong terms would remodel the third branch of government into a new, unelected legislative body. Consider that the very same happened in Venezuela within the last generation. And court-packing would be just the beginning. In a cynical grab to gain seats in the House and Senate, Democrats would likely grant the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico statehood. Add four more permanently-Democratic Senate seats and new representatives, and the chances of Republicans regaining control in the next decade would become improbable at best. The creation of new states also would dramatically erode rural America’s voice.

The new Democratic uber-majority could easily pass any number of radical measures. Biden may call it something different, but some version of the Green New Deal would pass, as would single-payer universal health care. More than 10 million illegal immigrants would receive citizenship through amnesty and become a permanent Democratic Party voting bloc eligible for welfare benefits. Following years — sometimes decades — of fiscal mismanagement, blue states would receive sweeping bailouts funded by federal taxpayers. The average household would see its taxes increase by at least $1,610 annually following the repeal of GOP tax cuts — and that doesn’t count new payroll and medical taxes needed to fund public health care. Fracking would be seriously hampered, despite the fact that it likely kept the country from a second Obama-era recession, and lead to the bad old days of $4-or-more gasoline again. Gun restrictions of some kind would be swiftly installed — Biden has called for an assault weapons ban and “voluntary” buyback program, while Harris threatened to do so through executive fiat. These actions are likely just the beginning.

To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, voters would have to put Democrats in charge to see how far they go.

Our understanding of what the United States represents is on the ballot, as well. The view of our nation as a last beacon of freedom is on the line — it’s 1776 vs. the 1619 Project. Under Democratic control, the poison of intersectionality would only expand. Imagine the large-scale expansion of left-wing indoctrination like critical race theory well beyond colleges and white-collar jobs, embedding itself prominently into every K-12 public school.

Team Biden has promised their candidate is going to bring normalcy to the White House — but the 77-year-old is not going to be a brake on Democratic excess. A doddering relic of an older age of politics as a veneer for radical leftism, hidden in plain sight, is the type of scenario the Founders feared. Biden says he is not a socialist, but he would act as the crucial bridge — the gate left unlocked — to a new cadre of leaders who view America’s founding as a tragic mistake rather than a divine blessing.

Much like Ronald Reagan described in “A Time for Choosing” in 1964, our nation must make a critical choice again today. The then-California governor described how, if America ever fell, there would be no place for us to run to. We are one generation, likely predicated by a single election, away from such a transformation. The new cohort of Democratic Party leaders — who see the Republican Party as its enemy, not as an opponent, and who sneer at our country’s history and founding — could soon have full control. Moderate voters may not like Donald Trump the person, but Trump’s brash personality would be gone in four years while the Biden-Harris legacy would be permanent and irreversible.

Kristin Tate is a libertarian author and an analyst for Young Americans for Liberty. She is a Robert Novak journalism fellow at the Fund for American Studies. Her newest book is “The Liberal Invasion of Red State America.”

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