Webb: Pretzel logic 

Webb: Pretzel logic 
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In two examples, how the left gets their way while American citizens pay the price.

The accusation will be that this is conspiracy. The difference between conspiracy and what is real is often what is possible or obvious in the outcome. I'm not into conspiracies. Reality is much easier to deal with.

In Seattle, “defund the police” has been a battle cry since the occupation of public property during the leftist and anarchists riots, which was endorsed by Mayor Jenny Durkin. I have little sympathy for most in the city of Seattle who supported the current Democrat, progressive regime that it now victimizes them daily with their decisions. I have a greater concern for America and the possibility that we face a very difficult battle to retake an American city.


The defund the police movement in Seattle is succeeding even more with a few hundred officers who may now leave the force because they didn't take the vaccine. There are various reasons given by police officers and civilian staff for not wanting to take the vaccine. They don't warrant consideration under the current administration, no matter the reason given. As a result 200 officers may no longer be a part of the police force. There is not a firm number on the civilian employees but that also has an effect.

This, if it plays out as reported, will have the same effect as defunding the police. 911 call response times have skyrocketed to the detriment of the victim or the citizen in need of emergency response. Those on the progressive left don't seem to care even if many who agree with them are the victims.

The pretzel logic in this, Seattle claims the officers need to be vaccinated to protect the public and other officers, but if there are 200 less officers on the force, they are not there to protect the public from more immediate dangers than COVID-19.

Crime rates in Seattle continue to rise precipitously. A simple visit to the Seattle Police Department crime dashboard on their website shows a total number of violent crimes and property crimes of 33,695. Violent crimes like homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault are counted. Property crimes like arson, burglary, larceny theft, motor vehicle theft are also counted.

Dr. Anthony FauciAnthony FauciOfficials seek to reassure public over omicron fears The Hill's Morning Report - Presented by Uber - Omicron tests vaccines; Bob Dole dies at 98 Murthy says travel restrictions are 'temporary measures' MORE and the super spreader events that never happened. 

A whistleblower recently said that ICE is a super spreader, releasing 16,000 COVID-19 positive illegal aliens into the country. 

But wait, weren't we supposed to have dangerous college football games not on the field of play but in the stands as super spreader events? And now we know that's not the case based on actual data.

Fauci cancels then un-cancels Christmas. Data shows that infection rates are dropping across multiple states. Notice the lack of reporting on the state of Florida for example. We should accept that there will be spikes and then drops in infection rates with or without another virus variant.

Fauci or the Biden administration never talk about case fatality rates because that doesn't support the pretzel logic that the Biden administration, the National Institute of Health and various blue state governors want you to follow.

Ideological science has over-written biological science. The pretzel logic of the Biden administration and its supporters in the states and the media cannot reconcile the contradictions of what is and what is not a super spreader event.

The American people are smarter than them and are starting to realize that this is not about being anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine but pro-freedom of choice. Reasonable people also recognize the reality and the consequences that may come with their choice.

This is not just about choice when it comes to the vaccine, but for many about compliance. If you give the federal government an inch they will take a Beltway mile. Even when they violate their own rules, they make excuses and some are reaching the point of telling the serfs to not question them.

What we need as I have written about before is a rebellion, not a revolution.

I'm pro-science, pro-freedom and for the right of Americans to educate themselves and make reasonable decisions while understanding that there may be consequences we do not control. Freedom under our Constitution and our culture as a more successful track record in the past and a better way forward to the future then forced compliance by a government entity that does not surrender its power to once acquired.

I’m anti pretzel logic. 

Some of you on the left will attack, some on the right will attack, reasonable people will think for themselves. 

Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, a Fox Nation host, Fox News contributor and a frequent television commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill.