Republicans: Be optimistic, but not complacent

Joe BidenJoe BidenDeputy AG: DOJ investigating fake Trump electors On The Money — Vaccine-or-test mandate for businesses nixed Warner tests positive for breakthrough COVID-19 case MORE’s presidency has been a failure since day one, and his failures have been felt in our communities and across the country.  

Crime is out of control following Democrats’ push to defund the police. Prices for everyday goods are skyrocketing as Biden tries to smother the economy in reckless spending and tax hikes. Closed schools and remote learning — relics from the first days of the pandemic — are back, and Biden is ready to sacrifice your child’s development to appease left-wing teachers' unions. COVID cases are reaching record highs while Americans are facing a shortage of tests, even though Biden ran on the promise of shutting down the virus. Deadly fentanyl is sweeping the country through Biden’s open southern border, killing our neighbors. Globally, China, Russia and Iran benefitted from Biden’s deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, one of the worst foreign policy disasters in American history.  

We are weaker at home and weaker abroad. This is Joe Biden’s America, and he doesn’t seem to care. 


With countless crises unfolding on his watch, the upcoming midterm elections will serve as a wake-up call for Biden and the Democratic party. November’s recent elections show why Republicans should feel optimistic. 

In Virginia — which Biden won by 10 points in 2020 — Republicans swept all three statewide races for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, electing Glenn YoungkinGlenn YoungkinOvernight Energy & Environment — 'Forever chemical' suits face time crunch Lawmaker asks ex-EPA chief why he couldn't convince Trump climate change is real Virginia governor knocks school boards challenging order making masks optional MORE, Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares. In New Jersey — one of America’s bluest states — Republicans came within a couple of points of flipping the Governor’s mansion. In states like Washington and Minnesota, voters resoundingly rejected proposals to defund the police. And in Texas, Republicans continued our trend of making gains among Hispanic voters who agree with our vision of a free, prosperous and safe America. 

Democrats see the writing on the wall. Since Biden took office, 25 House Democrats have announced they won’t seek reelection. That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrat Party’s waning faith in its own failing far-left mission. 

Clearly, the Republican message is connecting with America’s voters. But we cannot get complacent. There is simply too much at stake for us to slow down. 

The Democrat Party does not care if your kids lose crucial years of development through virtual learning. Joe Biden does not care if you are struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford rising prices for gas and groceries. Joe Biden does not care that at least 12 major U.S. cities — all run by Democrats — hit new record highs for homicides in 2021. And Biden clearly doesn’t care that our open border has become a humanitarian crisis. He hasn’t even visited the border. Democrats don’t care that Americans are struggling — all they care about is power.  


We can’t let them hold onto it. 

That’s why the RNC is not letting up. We are out in the field registering voters and opening community centers to engage with voters from all backgrounds — with almost 20 of these centers opened in 2021 alone. We are putting hundreds of paid staff on the ground in battleground states, including election integrity directors in fifteen states, to ensure free, fair and transparent elections. We made over 12 million voter contacts last year, and we plan to scale our efforts up in the coming months as Election Day grows nearer. 

We are aggressively fighting to get our message of optimism and prosperity out to the American people. And our legal team is involved in dozens of lawsuits nationwide ensuring that Democrat power grabs are stopped by the courts. 

Next year, our hard work will help us take back control of Congress and deliver on our conservative vision for America. We can’t miss this chance. There’s just too much at stake. Join us in our fight to reject Joe Biden and Democrats’ radical agenda at the ballot box in November 2022.

Ronna McDanielRonna Romney McDanielBiden's strategy for midterm elections comes into focus DNC hits GOP for having 'no agenda,' echoing Biden Romney says it 'would be nuts' for the RNC to block candidates from commission debates MORE is chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. Follow her on Twitter @GOPChairwoman.