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Abortion supporters are finally telling the truth — they don’t want any restrictions

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For more than two years, the news media and progressives have been outraged by the the president lying about all things great and small; it pains me to see the president create “alternative facts” counter to the obvious truth.

Yet I wish the media were as rigorous in standing for truth with respect to the lies put forth by progressives. Unlike many of my fellow conservatives, who are chastising Democrats for passing pro-abortion laws, I want to congratulate liberals for their honesty after years of lies before and after Roe v. Wade.

{mosads}The misrepresentation around abortion started in the 1960s with claims that legalized abortion would reduce domestic violence, violence against children, decrease poverty among children and decrease rates of suicide and depression among women. There was no evidence to support those claims when they were made and in fact the opposite came true in every case.

As has been well documented that Roe v. Wade was filed and argued by lawyers who lied about the material facts of the case.

My conservative friends and I are constantly assaulted for being anti-science on things as speculative as sea levels 100 years from now, yet biology text books state new life begins at the moment of fertilization. Yet killing a baby in the womb is falsely termed a “choice.”

Advocates have persuaded many vulnerable young women with, “It’s just a clump of cells or a blob of tissue — it’s not a baby.” Yet many of these same advocates will support criminal laws, which prosecute the killer of a pregnant woman with the murder of the mother and the child

“Late term abortions are necessary to protect the life and health of the mother” is also a lie. It may be necessary in very rare cases to deliver a baby prematurely, it is never necessary to deliberately kill the baby to protect the mother’s health, it is often more dangerous to her health.

Abortions supporters have lied to the public, to mothers, fathers and families, until now.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic party in New York recently passed a law that would allow babies to be aborted until the moment before they take their first breath, no matter how old.

The truth is that the New York law is a codification of Roe v. Wade, what’s new is that after years of lies Democrats are now being truthful about what abortion law is and what they want it to be going forward.

For those who wonder what would happen should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, this is it. Louisiana and South Dakota would vote to protect the innocent unborn baby and New York and perhaps Virginia would vote to allow children to be killed anytime, for any reason, during pregnancy or maybe after.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D-Va.), a physician, commenting on a bill similar to New York’s last week went further and said that even after a late-term baby is born the decision to kill the baby should be the choice of the family in consultation with the doctor.

The right was pillaring Northam, but this statement raised no concern with the left. Why should it? To the left abortion is about killing an unwanted child, why quibble over when that happens.

Gov. Northam said the reason for most late-term abortions is a discovery that the child will be born with a disability or won’t live long after birth; this is likely true. Estimates suggest that as many as 85 percent of children with Down’s syndrome are aborted later in pregnancy. Yet the same liberals who support the killing of these children hypocritically pride themselves in supporting disability rights. As a father of a disabled daughter, Bella, I fear for the next step of the progressive agenda is to classify some within the human family as less than human and therefore eligible for eradication.

So congratulations to pro-abortion politicians for abandoning at least some of the lies and stepping into the cold harsh light to pronounce the truth about their eugenic convictions. Like Medicare for All, they must believe that America has changed to the point where ideas once thought to be political death are now ironically life giving. 

We are not the first civilization to create a subhuman class to eliminate, nor are we the first, which celebrated the sacrifice of children, but I hope we can muster the better angels of our nature to be the first to stop the carnage before it destroys us.

Rick Santorum is a former Senator from Pennsylvania. He is currently a co-chairman of Americans for Energy Security & Innovation. 

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