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Why Republicans do better than Democrats for black Americans

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Over the past month, our country has taken extra time to honor the many contributions of heroic black Americans who, through their patriotism and perseverance over the years have triumphed over injustice and enriched every aspect of our lives. But while the commemoration of Black History Month might be winding down, Republicans will continue our efforts to engage with black voters and communities of color across the country.

We are taking the old aphorism of “you will not win votes you do not ask for” to heart. Under the strong leadership of President Trump, our party is fighting for every single vote just like he fights for all Americans with his policies. Just this week, the Republican National Committee has opened more than a dozen new Trump Victory Committee field offices within the heart of historically Democratic and predominantly black neighborhoods.

Spread across seven key battleground states all over the country, in such cities from Cleveland to Charlotte and Milwaukee to Miami, the new field offices will help the Republican Party outreach in these communities and build on the growing support that this president now has among many black Americans by highlighting how his policies are uplifting the black community and making a positive difference in the lives of all Americans.

The new field offices will allow Republicans to make critical case to voters directly that while Democrats have promised much but delivered little for the black community, Trump holds a real track record of results for black Americans. Take the economy. By getting the government out of the way and lowering taxes across the board, this president has fueled a booming economy, and black Americans especially are reaping the many rewards.

Since the election of Trump, more than one million new jobs have been created for black Americans. The black unemployment rate has reached near record lows, while the poverty rate is the lowest on record. Working hand in glove with Senator Tim Scott, this president created opportunity zones under the great Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Nearly 9,000 communities across all 50 states that were previously left behind are seeing new waves of investment pour in along with new jobs and a renewed sense of hope.

Moreover, while the pundits wrote it off as a pipe dream, Trump fought for and delivered the most meaningful criminal justice reform in a generation. Since the First Step Act became the law of the land over a year ago, more than 3,000 Americans have been released from prison, and 90 percent of those who have had their sentences decreased are black Americans. They are now reunited with their families and also have a second chance at life.

This president is also a champion for school choice so that every child can achieve their full potential. Education is still the master key to unlocking all the opportunities our country has to offer. But unfortunately too many Americans, and especially too many black Americans, remain trapped in failing schools. By giving every student the freedom to attend the school of their choice, Republicans will make good on our belief that the quality of education for our kids should not be predetermined by their zip codes.

Trump has also made historically black colleges and universities a priority, securing more funding than any other president. Despite all the progress he has made in three short years, as Trump likes to say, he is just getting started. He has an incredible success story to share with black Americans all across our country, and our new field offices will help us tell that story on the ground every day. In 2016, Trump asked black Americans to take a chance on him after decades of Democrats taking their votes for granted.

In 2020, the question will be “what do you have to lose?” but instead “how much more can we achieve together?” That is the message we are going to be spreading far and wide between now and November. So on Election Day, millions of black Americans will come home to the Republican Party and cast their votes to elect Trump to four more years in the White House.

Ronna McDaniel is chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

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