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As Biden’s America becomes less safe, the violence and crime could cost Democrats

Under the Biden administration, violent crime continues to rise across the country, particularly in cities controlled by Democrats, such as Baltimore and Chicago. Regardless of this alarming trend, neither President Biden nor the leaders of his Democratic Party have taken significant steps to combat increasing crime, or even shown serious concern about the uptick. 

Following the May 2020 death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, and the subsequent ludicrous push to defund police departments, violent crime hasn’t let up. Some mayors are struggling to walk the line of supporting police officers while also caving to the pressures of vocal progressives who push to defund and reform police agencies. Some cities have reversed the decision to lower funding to police. And in many cities, morale among officers has plunged so low that a June survey of nearly 200 police departments by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) shows a 45 percent increase in retirement rates and nearly a 20 percent increase in resignations. 

President Biden’s lack of commitment to America’s law enforcement community — which he relies upon — is causing officers to quit because, understandably, many no longer want to do the job. The result may be that neighborhoods are more unsafe and Americans are more likely to become crime victims. In many ways, America is effectively less safe than it was five years ago,  and the group to blame for this unfolding tragedy is Democrats who have advocated for severely limiting police budgets, effectively taking away resources or officers to combat violent criminals.

In the Democratic stronghold of New York, for example, Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently stated, “More people are now dying from gun violence and crime than COVID.” It’s worth noting that, as a longtime Democrat, Biden is tough on guns and often critical of the Second Amendment, which could make it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms. With crime on the rise and, potentially, increasingly restrictive gun control laws, Americans could be unable to rely on police or to defend themselves from those looking for unsuspecting victims. 

This reality must be alarming for people living in larger cities, such as St. Louis, Baltimore, or Detroit, where violent crime and homicides are among the highest. However, I struggle to have sympathy for constituents in these municipalities who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, including Biden, and support their liberal policies. Surely, this can’t be the type of America that even they wanted — but it’s what they have received. As the saying goes, elections have consequences, and the consequences this time mean a less-safe America. Our homes or those of our neighbors may be burglarized; a couple walking home from a date night may be robbed at gunpoint; diners enjoying a meal in Baltimore’s historic Fells Point may be privy to the pop, pop, pop of gunfire. It’s an America where even young city kids walking to or from school can be fatally shot because of turf wars or gang violence.  

The question that Americans should ask themselves — particularly with the 2022 midterms approaching and the balance of power in the House at stake — is a simple one: Do they feel safer in Biden’s America? I think many Americans will acknowledge that they do not feel safe and, if that is their answer, they should return power to Republicans who could serve as a check on Biden and Democratic congressional leaders to help restore law and order to America’s streets. 

Are all police officers good? No, but this isn’t unique to police forces; you can find bad people among all sectors of the workforce. Yes, we should work to rid police forces of bad apples, but we also should support and elevate officers who work hard and put their lives on the line to keep us all safe. We should think about increasing the salary for police positions so that we attract good candidates for the job. We should increase — not decrease — police budgets so that officers get the continuous training they may need and desire.

If Democrats can’t understand why it’s important to support good police officers, they effectively give a green light to criminals to do what they want, where and when they want. But the blame for high crime will fall squarely on President Biden and his party. 

Americans yearn for safety because safety is tied to wellness, wholeness, success and longevity. It’s what everyone wants — regardless of race, ethnicity or religious affiliation — yet the Biden administration seems unaware and ill-equipped to provide what Americans seek. This could cost the Democrats when midterm elections arrive, but that’s the price of playing politics with people’s safety. 

Armstrong Williams (@ARightSide) is the owner and manager of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations and the 2016 Multicultural Media Broadcast Owner of the Year. He is the author of “Reawakening Virtues.”

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