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America isn’t experiencing a crime wave — we’re suffering a crime hoax

Jussie Smollett departs from the Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Chicago
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Jussie Smollett commissioned a hoax reportedly because he wanted better pay for his acting gigs and greater fame. Hillary Clinton’s campaign commissioned a hoax because she wanted to be president at any cost. School board hoaxes appear to characterize parental concerns about what their children are taught as terror threats. China’s role in causing the pandemic is excused while Americans are pitted against each other over masks and jabs.

It seems like hoax open season. Here are a few more: the practical elimination of shoplifting felonies; the removal of bail restrictions; the defunded withdrawal of police protections in troubled neighborhoods; the flaccid tolerance of urban rioting; and the accommodation of squalid homeless encampments populated primarily by the mentally ill and drug enslaved who desperately need real help.  

Who, in their right mind, would see these ludicrous initiatives as good things for American society? Who could claim with a straight face that they didn’t foresee the predictable and dramatic increases in crime rates unfolding in major cities today? These foolish policies are essentially a “crime stimulus package.”

Only a few cynical individuals would purposefully create such destructive agendas. And that’s what makes them hoaxes. Hoax policies are being pushed by alt-left politicians, prosecutors and their wealthy patrons that are increasing crimes of violence and property crimes in jurisdictions where they hold power.

And here’s the kicker: The increased crime is likely a goal and not an unanticipated result or unintended consequence. 

Why would anyone want to purposefully increase crime? It’s an absurd notion to most commonsense Americans. But, then again, most Americans do not buy into the totalitarian philosophies that animate the alt-left political class. These philosophies are worth understanding.

They find their roots in a few dead European philosophers of the 19th and 20th centuries whose thinking still disproportionately pollutes academia, where today’s leftist politicians and journalists have been tenderized.  

Common threads weave through the philosophies of Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and, later, Jean-Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault, who are so adulated by the tenured leftists teaching young minds. First, they were all atheists who rebelled against a traditional system sensitive to the idea of a God who moderates certain personal behaviors.  

They asserted one’s own human will as the supreme good, and “truth” as relative to what one wants it to be. They strongly advocated revolutionary actions to disrupt the traditional moral code, cast it off, and “fundamentally transform” society.  

Those who assert their will most forcefully get to live the way they want and impose their own relative moral code and versions of “truth” on others. Gaining the power necessary to assert their will and moral code comes from sowing divisive chaos in society — where they ultimately can ride to the rescue and restore order through increasingly oppressive controls.

Chaos and division in a country such as ours is best achieved by sparking and fanning the flames of class envy, tensions among the races, distrust between males and females, and a metastasizing spread of destabilizing crime.

Elite leftists have turned certain dials to increase crime in America. They have cloaked their radical policy initiatives in pious “social justice” language designed to appeal, in particular, to minority communities. That the results of their initiatives end up inflicting additional pain on minorities exposes the lie of a social justice facade.

Purposefully enacting policies that are bound to increase crime is a hoax. A hoax is a malicious deception. In this case, the idea of social justice is the product being sold, but what is actually delivered is social chaos. It’s a chaos craved by leftist elites because their dead heroes deemed it necessary to overthrow the traditional values that stifle the way they want to live. 

So, to some extent the crime spiking now in several urban areas exists because alt-left mayors, prosecutors and legislators have pushed these destructive hoaxes. Images cross our daily news feeds of smash-and-grab robberies and coordinated flash mobs of shoplifters and random sidewalk/subway assaults, and the victim factories of homeless encampments

As crime spills from inner cities into surrounding suburbs, a secondary salutary effect important to the alt-left agenda is occurring, as racial fears and tensions are heightened.

By stimulating crime, more criminals are created. They are useful pawns for the alt-left hoax agenda. They are not “Les Miserables” souls desperate to feed their families; it is not a loaf of bread they seek at Nordstroms, Louis Vuitton and jewelry stores. There is no nobility in tempting citizens to commit crimes when they otherwise might not do so.

By stimulating crime, more victims are created. Consider them collateral damage of the alt-left hoax agenda. But crime victims suffer very real physical, psychological and economic pain. Law enforcement sees this up close and it is gut-wrenching. It’s not TV or movies or make believe; these are real people suffering as a result of the hoax policies that needlessly create more victims.

Sensing this, the alt-left elites now feign surprise at the rising crime in their domains. Leftist city officials are nervously rethinking their “re-imaginings” of public safety. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) cannot understand “where this attitude of lawlessness comes from.” Unlike the crime victims, the pain these elites feel is purely political. Their bewilderment is a sham that Americans of all stripes can see through. 

The underlying concerns of minority communities on issues of excessive force, disproportionate and unwarranted attention by police officers, and incarceration inconsistencies are real and must be addressed on a constant basis if we want to fulfill our constitutional ideal of blind justice.  There are people of good will on both sides of the political spectrum who want to honestly address these important issues. 

However, enacting hoax policies that create more criminals and more victims are clearly not the answer. They serve the cynical goals of an elite alt-leftist class generally untouched by the devastating effects of their policies. These elitists appear to be hellbent on sowing the chaos they need to transform America from a country endowed by a Creator to one aligned with the fraught vision of philosophers who hated the idea of a Creator. Does this sound like a good trade-off — or a hoax?

Kevin R. Brock, former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI, was an FBI special agent for 24 years and principal deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). He independently consults with private companies and public-safety agencies on strategic mission technologies.

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