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Webb: Media, leakers vs. Trump


The Washington Post is becoming a danger to the security of the United States.

A compromised media is a compromised public trust, and in this case a compromised presidency and leadership for the United States. A compromised president and presidency is a danger to the security of every American, regardless of political affiliation. 

The latest Washington Post story about the meeting with Russian officials is beyond the left-wing media stories and, like many from unnamed sources, is often more interesting than the truth. 

The Tuesday story “Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador” by Greg Miller and Greg Jaffe has no basis in provable fact. 

{mosads}First thing you should know as a reader is that the president is the highest official in the federal government and can determine what is classified and what is not. Second, the president can choose what to reveal to the Russians, and no crime is committed. President Trump is someone who refuses to share details of military plans in order to protect our options and people. Sharing information regarding aviation threats with a country, which lost a plane to terrorism, is relevant.

Leaks of classified information from a classified conversation such as a presidential closed-door meeting with foreign ministers are illegal and a chargeable crime. This is the third time for this level of a leak to Washington Post writers. The Trump administration has to get a handle on this, and sooner rather than later. Media, for its part, could work to uncover national security leaks, but The Washington Post uses them to attack the president. Whose interest does it serve?

Who the sources or potential sources are matters a great deal. National security adviser H.R. McMaster made it clear that he was in the room unlike the unnamed source. Whether the leaker is a devout leftist, a rogue person in intelligence or leftover from the Obama administration, this leak must be plugged and someone should go to jail for a significant amount of time. This would send a strong signal to illegal leakers. The “deep state” in this case includes many in the fourth estate. 

For those concerned about a chilling effect on those who serve in some capacity and may have legitimate concerns, there are existing structures in place, such as working up the agency chain of command, whistleblower protections and oversight by Congress. It’s simple, or should be. When in doubt refer to your oath. 

There has been a great deal of inaccurate reporting. Two basic options exist. Either Jaffe and Miller are liars, or there are leakers. Do not also exclude possible Republican opponents to Trump. When a disruptive force, much like disruptive technology, was introduced into Washington, the anti-Trump crowd drew from all areas. 

Washington has thrived for decades as the giant dinosaur while many Americans have watched the land of opportunity slip away. We are the first generation where the current will not fare better than the prior. 

Dinosaurs for the most part were behemoths with badly developed central nervous systems and tiny brains that often could not process a death blow. The Washington establishment has been dealt a death blow by the American people’s rejection of continued failure to address and resolve issues. The meteor and the meteoric rise of the nonpolitician president may not solve all issues, but they have been served notice of partial extinction. 

 Time for the Trump administration to plug the leaks where they exist. What should be done inside the intelligence community is a change in the culture and personnel where necessary. Once again, where there are questions, refer to the oath taken.

Should any of these leaks lead to compromised intelligence or loss of life, American or ally, the fault should be placed above the fold, in newspaper terms, and point directly to Jeff Bezos, Jaffe, Miller and others who are willing to let their political agenda compromise the security of Americans.

On a closing thought, I am a Republican by party affiliation. I am an American above all, and I would not risk the safety of my nation for ideology.


Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, a Fox News contributor and has appeared frequently on television as a commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill. The views expressed by this author are their own and are not the views of The Hill.

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