The ‘sham’ of Green New Deal is its true intent: Advancing socialism

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) got her dream: a vote on the Green New Deal in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately for Ocasio-Cortez and her allies, the legislation went down in flames without garnering a single “yes” vote to overcome a key procedural hurdle. In response, Democrats have attempted to flip the script by labeling the vote “a sham” and “political ploy.”

Let’s be clear: the only political sham is Democrats’ inability to justify this disastrous piece of legislation so proudly championed by the left. The Green New Deal’s framework is laughable for its lack of specifics and its focus on issues that have nothing to do with climate change. Ocasio-Cortez’s master plan is less about preserving our environment than it is about extending the government’s control of our daily lives.

{mosads}Throughout the debate on climate change, Democrats have tried to mislead the American people about where conservatives stand on the issue. To be sure, conserving our environment is part of the core of being a conservative. As a mother of a young son, I want my child to be able to enjoy our beautiful forests, lakes and natural wonders just as I have throughout my life.

That’s why I am proud to live in a country that has put such a focus on preserving and maintaining our environment. In 2017, U.S. carbon output dropped by 0.5 percent, while Europeans saw their output increase by 1.5 percent.

Despite this, Ocasio-Cortez and her allies wish to confuse the public by fearmongering and demanding that if we don’t take radical action now, we’re all doomed. “We’re, like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,” she noted at an event.

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t alone in her crusade. Several top-tier 2020 Democratic presidential candidates gleefully signed on as sponsors to her legislation. Mainstream media outlets have fawned over the deal, excusing its lack of serious details and specifics. Everyone seems to have hopped on the loony express.

Let’s take a moment to examine this Green New Disaster in full detail.

To start, the cost of the deal is estimated to be enormous. A study conducted by the American Action Forum put the potential bill to be an astounding $94.4 trillion over a 10-year stretch. For perspective, that is over $600,000 per U.S. household. Hold on to your wallets, ladies and gentlemen.

Next, the Green New Deal would dramatically change the way we travel by eliminating approximately 99 percent of automobiles on the road and air travel entirely. How are we supposed to accomplish this? By building high-speed trains and replacing nearly every car in the United States, of course.

One needs to look no further than California’s bullet train to see how this would play out — over budget and incomplete. And unfortunately for folks in Hawaii, the plan doesn’t detail how they would traverse back and forth to the mainland.  

Surprisingly, this so-called “green” deal recommends the end of a cheap, clean and reliable energy source: nuclear. Germany attempted to nix nuclear power, with abysmal results. After spending a whopping $580 billion on other renewable fuel sources, Germany’s emissions have failed to decrease and costs have skyrocketed.

Still, what is most shocking about the Green New Deal is a number of socialist wish-list items that have nothing to do with climate change. Don’t want to work but still want to live a cushy lifestyle? No problem. The Green New Deal has you covered. It promises “economic security” even for those “unwilling to work.” Yes, not those unable to work, but those unwilling to do so. Also on the menu: free higher education and trade school tuition. And Ocasio-Cortez didn’t forget to include universal basic income and health care as well.

It is impressive to see how many socialist freebies made it into a single document. As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) recently stated, the Green New Deal has all the components for “a good old-fashioned, state-planned economy” and is “garden variety 20th century socialism.”

All of this goes to show that the Green New Deal is less about curbing climate change than it is about advancing a radical socialist agenda. There are free-market fixes to our climate crisis, to be sure, and we’re already bearing the fruit of such innovation. But rather than doubling down on tangible solutions, Ocasio-Cortez chose to appease her far-left base.  

Kimberly Guilfoyle is vice chairwoman of America First Policies, a nonprofit organization supporting key policy initiatives that will work for all citizens and put America first. Follow her on Twitter @KimGuilfoyle.

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