What America loses by fat-shaming the president

What America loses by fat-shaming the president
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At 6 feet, 3 inches tall, the president of the United States of America weighs 239 pounds. According to today's headlines, Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpNearly 300 former national security officials sign Biden endorsement letter DC correspondent on the death of Michael Reinoehl: 'The folks I know in law enforcement are extremely angry about it' Late night hosts targeted Trump over Biden 97 percent of the time in September: study MORE's pant size is the biggest threat facing our country.

Mere hours after White House Dr. Ronny Jackson unveiled the results of Trump's physical exam, social media and news outlets alike were quick to hammer the president, pressing the validity of his weight.

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough questioned Dr. Jackson's report, saying that if "that's what 6-3, 239 pounds looks like, that's a shock to me."


CNN's Jake Tapper on Twitter labeled Trump as the "third heaviest president in history."

Crooked Media editor-in-chief Brian Beutler even likened the president's body to "expertly fluffed mashed potatoes."

Enough is enough. That Washington is more concerned with fat-shaming the president than actual policy is nothing short of egregious. It's time to focus on the issues that Americans care about.

For starters, we are mere days from a government shutdown. Congressional lawmakers have until Saturday to pass a long-term spending plan or another short-term funding bill. With no compromise in sight, the latter is looking like the most viable option.

A short-term funding plan avoids a government shutdown, but it also leaves us with a laundry list of problems to fix at a later date.

Also consider our nation's immigration crisis. Congress has done nothing to secure our borders or end high-traffic immigration policies — like the diversity visa lottery and chain migration — that harm American workers.

They have also done nothing to address the roughly 700,000 Dreamers living in the United States who will face deportation when the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program ends in early March.

We could also be talking about child welfare. Two California parents are facing torture charges this week after police discovered no fewer than 13 of their children were being held captive in their homes. According to police, the children were found malnourished and chained to their beds.




Sadly, such tragedies are all too common. Nearly 1 in 4 children will experience child abuse at some point during their lives. In 2015, roughly 1,670 children died as a result of child abuse. That means some five children are needlessly dying per day because we don't have better abuse protections.

Where are the headlines? Where is the outrage?

As icing on the cake, VA doctors are literally leaving surgical tools inside our nation's veterans. A scalpel was recently found in a 61-year old army veteran's gut as a result of a botched surgery at a West Haven, Connecticut VA just four years earlier.

These findings are deeply troubling, but also speak to a pattern of VA negligence and incompetence. Just last month, for example, investigators discovered that the VA was knowingly hiring doctors with revoked licenses to treat patients.

All of the above-mentioned topics are infinitely more important than Trump's weight — so why aren't we talking about them? We should be ashamed.

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