Medicare for All is disastrous for American seniors and taxpayers

Medicare for All is disastrous for American seniors and taxpayers
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The captains of chaos in the Democratic Party continue making enormous strategic mistakes leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. For the sake of the America I know and love, I pray that it costs them at the ballot box.

First, the progressive movement called to raise taxes. Next, it was the assault on the men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and plans to abolish the agency. Then, it was the screams to impeach President TrumpDonald John TrumpPentagon update to missile defense doctrine will explore space-base technologies, lasers to counter threats Giuliani: 'I never said there was no collusion' between the Trump campaign and Russia Former congressmen, RNC members appointed to Trump administration roles MORE. After, it was the shameful smear campaign against Justice Brett KavanaughBrett Michael Kavanaugh5 takeaways from Barr’s testimony MSNBC anchor speculates Trump has something 'pretty extreme' on Graham Five things to watch during Barr’s confirmation hearing MORE. Now, in their take no prisoners charge toward socialism, the Democrats are planning to yet again drastically interfere with health care, this time under the guise of “Medicare for All.”


As the ObamaCare failure made clear, the Democrats want health care run by the government. They are not concerned with the individual needs of patients or allowing you to keep your own doctor or choosing the quality of your care. The left just wants a one size fits all program funded by taxpayers so America can move to a nightmarish socialist utopia.

Socialism is the ultimate goal and the details do not matter to these Democrats. They want you to ignore facts and look the other way. A recent column in Forbes stated that the single payer health care system in Canada “forced more than 1 million patients to wait for necessary medical treatments last year.” That is a record. Think about it for a minute. Canada has a population of just 37 million. If Canada has long waits for public health care, how long would waits be in America for 328 million people? The Democrats have no idea.

Senior citizens who paid into the system since 1965 would no longer be prioritized if the Democrats got their way to kill the Medicare program. Death panels that the left said would never happen with ObamaCare would become a reality. Think about it. If big government controls every lever of our health care system, then by default, faceless bureaucrats would have the power to decide who lives and who dies. The American people have become accustomed to Medicare over the past half century. The Democrats are now brazenly pushing to blow it up.

Not only would seniors be deprioritized in a socialist America, but so would American citizens generally. If the Democrats had their way, illegal immigration would increase exponentially and all of the new illegal immigrants would immediately be given free “Medicare for All” with the forgotten hardworking American taxpayers picking up the tab. It was this troubling mindset that propelled the ultimate political outsider Donald Trump to the presidency with his America First agenda. The unhinged Democrats cannot take no for an answer and are doubling down. This time they are gambling with the health care needs of our senior citizens.

Now consider the cost of a “Medicare for All” program. Is it responsible for a country that is already $21 trillion in debt to adopt a federal program that will cost us a crippling $32 trillion over 10 years? Of course not. These Democrats are suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and are no longer living in the real world with their unjustifiable policy proposals.

So, if you rely on the Medicare that you know, then the false god of “Medicare for All” should be of great concern to you. If you support border security, the police, and the rule of law, then the Democratic sanctuary city policy should put you on high alert. If you support free market capitalism and a low tax and regulation program that is creating millions of jobs, then the Democratic lurch to socialism is not for you.

It is a dangerous time in America because the Democratic Party has become completely radicalized and is behaving irresponsibly on all fronts. Reasonable Democrats and independents who grew up admiring Franklin Roosevelt and John KennedyJohn Neely KennedyMORE must listen closely to what Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiOvernight Health Care: Dem chair plans hearing on Medicare for all | Senate GOP talks drug prices with Trump health chief | PhRMA CEO hopeful Trump reverses course on controversial pricing proposal Centrist efforts to convince Trump to end shutdown falter On The Money: Shutdown Day 26 | Pelosi calls on Trump to delay State of the Union | Cites 'security concerns' | DHS chief says they can handle security | Waters lays out agenda | Senate rejects effort to block Trump on Russia sanctions MORE, Chuck SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerCardi B expresses solidarity with federal workers not getting paid Government shutdown impasse is a leveraging crisis Overnight Health Care: Dem chair meets Trump health chief on drug prices | Trump officials sued over new Kentucky Medicaid work rules | Democrats vow to lift ban on federal funds for abortions MORE, and Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersTexas man indicted over allegations he created fraudulent campaign PACs Overnight Energy: Wheeler weathers climate criticism at confirmation hearing | Dems want Interior to stop drilling work during shutdown | 2018 was hottest year for oceans Dems offer measure to raise minimum wage to per hour MORE are saying and decide if the Democratic Party of today still gives a hoot about them.

David Bossie is the president of Citizens United and a contributor to Fox News. He was deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump and was chief investigator for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during the Clinton administration. Follow him on Twitter @David_Bossie.