‘Abolish ICE’ is leftist lunacy

‘Abolish ICE’ is leftist lunacy
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In Spring 2012, the assistant director of the FBI’s International Operations Division curtly informed me that I would become deputy legal attaché — a position at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. I had six months to learn Spanish.

The office, he said, had been designated as “I&I” — bureau-speak for “inefficient and ineffective,” a death knell for an FBI post. “Learn the language and embrace the culture. The FBI needs law enforcement allies in Mexico,” he said. “It’s a troubled law enforcement climate down there. We need a collaborative effort at the border. Make it happen.”

Soon after deploying, the head of the office retired and I became the chief of FBI operations in Mexico. And thus began my ongoing love affair with the country, its people and its culture.


However, I’m troubled by the extremist views now advocating for something that would have been unconscionable to almost all Americans just a year or two ago. The leftist fringe of our political divide believe the appropriate antidote to a broken immigration system — and the repudiation of anything Trump — is to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an agency charged with enforcing immigration laws and investigating criminal and terrorist activities of foreign nationals residing in the U.S.

This is madness.

Donald Trump resoundingly won the 2016 presidential election by embracing nationalism, employing a jingoistic slogan of “Make America Great Again” and leveraging an insular message of “America First.” Now, growing numbers of Democrats are doubling-down in opposition to him by placating a small but loyal base on the outer edges of their party’s ideology.

In July, Sen. Kirsten GillibrandKirsten Elizabeth GillibrandAffordable housing set for spotlight of next presidential campaign Overnight Defense — Presented by The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates — Senators seek US intel on journalist's disappearance | Army discharged over 500 immigrant recruits in one year | Watchdog knocks admiral over handling of sexual harassment case Pentagon watchdog knocks top admiral for handling of sexual harassment case MORE (R-N.Y.) cynically recrafted her reasonable, centrist positions that helped her win in 2009. No longer appealing to the relatively conservative (minus liberal New York City) Empire State, she is laser-focused on Manhattan’s uber-progressive Upper East Side and West Side, and signed on to the “abolish ICE” lunacy.


In Gillibrand’s distorted worldview, enforcement of U.S. laws at our sovereign borders is antithetical to our values as a nation of immigrants. She joins fellow open-border advocates and “abolish ICE” loons like Sens.Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenBig Dem donors stick to sidelines as 2020 approaches DNA is irrelevant — Elizabeth Warren is simply not Cherokee The Hill's 12:30 Report — Trump seizes on immigrant 'caravan' for midterms | WHCA criticizes Trump for praising lawmaker who assaulted reporter | Trump takes harder line on Saudis MORE (Mass.) and Kamala HarrisKamala Devi HarrisBig Dem donors stick to sidelines as 2020 approaches Sanders thanks Iowa voters for giving momentum to progressive agenda Sanders: Trump setting 'terrible example' for our children MORE (D-Calif.), who argue that ICE — not a flawed system — is the problem.

New York Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon even referred to ICE as a “terrorist organization.”

And Congressman Keith EllisonKeith Maurice EllisonGOP lawmaker once belittled sexual harassment: 'How traumatizing was it?' Dershowitz: Obama, Ellison have 'special obligation' to condemn Farrakhan Ellison accuses ex-wife of physical abuse, divorce records show: report MORE (D-Minn.), the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, recently wore a black t-shirt emblazoned with “Yo no creo en fronteras.” Since your tax dollars financed my Spanish language-training, allow me to translate: “I don’t believe in borders.”

But Democrats don’t want you to believe they want open borders. That’s all just Trump’s stir-the-base fear-mongering, right?

Now, in one of numerous similar instances around the nation, a SWAT team from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office was called to the Centennial, Colorado ICE facility to handle protestors blocking its entry.

So, this is where we are: The left wants us to respect government institutions like the FBI and the Justice Department when the president attacks them for disgraceful behavior by supposedly apolitical senior executives — but it’s okay for the left to assail another institution, ICE, as terroristic. Nonsense.

Having an immigration enforcement arm that patrols the southern border and holds to account those who disrespect our sovereign boundaries isn’t “anti-immigrant” or “xenophobic” or “racist.” Yet, just as President TrumpDonald John TrumpFive takeaways from Gillum and DeSantis’s first debate GOP warns economy will tank if Dems win Gorbachev calls Trump's withdrawal from arms treaty 'a mistake' MORE has leveraged decent Americans’ fears that our porous borders are of no consequence to the left, Democrats are now deftly employing identity politics to disingenuously pretend the right is “anti-immigrant.”

Abolishing ICE is a fool’s errand and plays to the extreme fringes occupied by leftist darlings like New York congressional candidate and media darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is the poster child for the “abolish ICE” movement and has advocated occupying border crossings, airports, and ICE offices across the country.

It’s time that the adults stood up in both political parties and said, “Enough!”

I know this because I’m a 53-year-old American who has served our country, under arms, for 33 year and spent time in the amazing country of Mexico. “Abolish ICE” is a clownish, foolhardy publicity stunt by some Democrats — and the sensible leaders and followers of that party should reject it, now, before the party and the country are damaged even more.

James A. Gagliano is a CNN law enforcement analyst and retired FBI supervisory special agent. He is an adjunct assistant professor at St. John's University and a leadership consultant at the Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) at his alma mater, the United States Military Academy at West Point. Follow him on Twitter @JamesAGagliano.