Webb: I've had enough, have you? 

Webb: I've had enough, have you? 
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To the Republicans: When are you going to stop “fighting for” coalescence around commonality and push forward? 

Too many in the GOP are curiously absent from the public debate. For example, Sen. Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzThe Hill's Morning Report — After contentious week, Trump heads for Japan Senate GOP votes to permanently ban earmarks Jim Carrey fires back at 'Joe McCarthy wanna-be' Cruz MORE (R-Texas), your beard is noticeable and so is your absence from the public debate. Why? You have the ability to more forcibly drive debate on key issues. 


To the Democrats: I never bought the policy prescriptions you were selling. They were always and are for the most part political placebos. 

Your party’s hard left turn is taking its toll. Abandon any pretense of the middle and own it. Going to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention will not help. Fine by me if you destroy yourselves as a national party. We’ll pick you off locally. That is easier to accomplish. 

Key issues this week are not being discussed properly. 

On my Fox Nation show “Reality Check” I took on the evolving border issues in the following aspects. 

The recent surge at our southern border, at lawful ports of entry or illegal crossings, has a new angle with a costly future for American taxpayers. What are the new facts and what is the evolving situation? According to the Department of Homeland Security, in 2019, at the current pace, we are on track for the possibility of 900,000 apprehensions at the southern border.

This as 180,000 more migrants, many in so-called family units, are expected to cross into the U.S. in just a couple of months.

There is a key difference between Mexican migrants and OTM (other than Mexican) combined with family units, real or created, for the illegal entry. Mexican illegals were easier to return logistically and process-wise.

This was evident during the Obama years when even Democrats called him the “deporter in chief” many times.

Central and South Americans are not logistically as easy to return. We can’t drive busloads across Mexico. It would take a fleet of planes solely devoted to the effort. Think of an air flotilla and then what happens when and if we are prevented from entering foreign airspace or landing on foreign soil.

The difficulties are obvious. The Democrats and the open-border left knows this. The cartels and coyotes know this. The foreign governments in Mexico, Central and South America know this. 

This is the current reality not only on the southern border, but in actuality in your communities. Released illegal aliens don’t remain in the border communities waiting for their court date. They fan out around the country and balkanize many of your communities.They are violating our laws, whether civil or criminal.

The politicians don’t want to talk about it, but as of March 7 there are over 2,000 people in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody under medical quarantine; mumps, chickenpox, influenza and other diseases have been reported by ICE. Officials at ICE and medical professionals have been warning about the perils of disease from migrants arriving from different ecosystems and in large numbers. Add the complexity of families and children where immunity can be less, and disease spread more.

Last December, Customs and Border Protection mandated medical reviews of all children after two Guatemalan children died in custody, necessitating more resources that cause more problems in an already complex environment. Agents are at risk, along with their families if they bring the infection home. Medical professionals can be careful but face similar risk. 

Now let’s turn our attention inside the Beltway, where the border is far removed from their reality but not yours.

Both political parties offer no relief from the growing illegal immigration problem in this country. Political platitudes, however, are plenty. They’re just not enough. 

The upcoming budget battle in Washington, D.C., is now a battle of positioning by both Republican and Democratic elected officials.

The president has asked for $8.6 billion. Will he get it?

It’s also another potential shutdown showdown. America, by the way, doesn’t seem to care about who gets blamed, Republican or Democrat. We’ve become immune. 

Webb is host of “The David Webb Show” on SiriusXM Patriot 125, Host of “Reality Check with David Webb” on Fox Nation, a Fox News contributor and a frequent television commentator. His column appears twice a month in The Hill.